Our Engagement Story | A Proposal in Paris


As you know we've just returned from a weekend break to Paris. It was the most amazing weekend of my life, and I can't thank Jack enough for giving me such a special birthday present. I'll do a separate post on what we got up to but I just couldn't wait to share some news with you all!

I'm Engaged!

I know you all want to know the story, so here goes...

On the Saturday we began exploring as soon as we arrived. We stumbled upon The Louvre and spent plenty of time taking in the sites and taking pictures in front of the famous pyramids. I had Indie on my lap looking at the fountains as Jack was setting up his tripod for some family shots.

He was taking forever setting it up but it didn't surprise me as I know he loves to fiddle about with his camera, there were quite a few people around too so I assumed he was waiting for it to go quieter.

Finally he wandered over as I assume he was ready. However he didn't sit down next to me. He got down on one knee and I still didn't click haha. He took his hands out of his pockets and out popped a box... still nothing haha! All I remember saying was 'what are you doing?' over and over.

Then out comes 'I'm asking you to marry me' and I just couldn't believe it! I then just couldn't say anything other than 'are you serious' poor Jack must was just waiting for me to say yes haha. After getting over the shock of course I said yes, I just couldn't believe it was happening!

The ring is absolutely beautiful. So simple yet stunning and just what I wanted in an engagement ring. He even had 'my little one' engraved on the inside as that is what Jack calls me. Then he tells me he had it especially made as he remembered me showing him the ring and saying how much I liked it!

The story gets even more amazing as my romantic other half even asked my parents permission before we came away! It is a story truly from a romantic movie, and I'm so amazed to call it my own! To top it off the next day we added our padlock with our names and the date of our engagement to the love lock bridge, so it will be remembered forever. Jack even captured it on film so we can look back on it too.

I'm so excited to finally share the same surname as Jack and Indiana, and my sisters and I have already started making plans. Eeek... I'm getting married!


  1. Yay congratulations!! Amazing proposal, well done Jack! So happy for you married life rocks! My hubby hid the engagement ring in our beanbag for 3 months until we went backpacking in Asia haha These men! Happy wedding planning!xx

  2. Congratulations!! :)

    My fella proposed to me in Dublin on Valentine's day this year. We still haven't set a date for the wedding yet.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Congratulations!!!
    Its so exciting to be engaged and to start planning a wedding. I am so happy for you both. Cant wait to see more of the wedding planning xxx

  4. Congratulations! My husband also took me to Paris for my birthday and proposed :) When we first got together he bought me a charm bracelet and when he proposed rather than having a ring (which he thought I'd want to choose myself), he proposed with a ring shaped charm! x

  5. Congratulations!! My now husband took me back to where we graduated, Canterbury Catherderal and proposed there on mothers day with our little girl to help! We have been together nearly 9 years so it wasn't a surprise!!

    How wonderful that he captured it on film too :)

    K xxx


  6. Congratulations!!! I'll be looking forward to little titbits on wedding updates. Yipeeeee! xxx

  7. Congratulations!!! How lovely :). Eeek now you've a wedding to plan xx

  8. Congratulations!! How lovely :). Eeek now you've a wedding to plan xx

  9. Massive congratulation to you all! What a lovely proposal too :) now you've got all the excitement of planning the wedding! We had the best time planning ours, I'm envious you getting to do all the fun wedding stuff :) hehe xx

  10. Awwww, congratulations! Lovely news and a lovely proposal. I loved all the wedding planning too, such a special time. xx

  11. Huge Congratulations! A lovely story too xx

  12. Congratulations!!! Aww Jack proposed in such a lovely way :) I bet you're so excited! xxx


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