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Preparing For Nursery


As you know this Sunday is my first day back at work after my 9 months maternity leave. I'll be working Mondays and Fridays as well as weekends so we needed to sort out childcare for Indiana. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know we made the decision to put Indie in nursery for those two weekdays.

Jack is one of those rare few men who works in one. Whenever I tell people they are shocked and surprised, but for me it just seems so right. He's amazing with children and I'm a lucky lady to have someone who is used to being hands on... some days he probably changes more nappies than me haha! We're also extremely lucky that it means we can take Indie to the nursery where he works.

For the past two days we've been taking Indie in for her settling in days. Wednesday we were both there for an hour whilst she got to meet staff, the other children and play whilst we filled out bits and bobs. Then yesterday was the first time I've had to leave her. My sister said it was exactly the same as leaving her to go out for the evening, but it didn't feel the same at all! I felt like part of me was missing, and it felt wrong not being with her when I could have been. It was only an hour and a half, and I admit I really did enjoy having a quiet Costa with a magazine by myself. But I was glad to have her back after.

As I type this Indie's at her final settling in. She went in with Jack as he started at 8am and it was me she waving to as she left. She's there until 3pm when I'll go and meet them. It's the weirdest feeling being here on my own without my little lady giving me cuddles, or zooming around the floor to get the toy she wants. I know it will feel different when I'm at work as I'll be leaving her for a decent reason, but right now I just feel sad haha. 

We're happy with our decision though. Nursery may not be for everyone, but I think it will really benefit Indie. She'll get to see a lot more children and have a whole load of new toys to play with! She'll also see Jack throughout the day so she'll be reassured that everything's okay. Jack's also happy as he gets to play his music to Indie on the way there and back... poor girly haha!

Enjoying the last few days of Maternity Leave
How did you feel about putting your little one in nursery?
Emily xx


  1. I'm lucky that my husband looks after our twins one day that I work and my dad the other, although in hindsight I think nursery would have been good for them to gain a little independance and experience being away from home without mummy or daddy being there. They get looked after in their own home, so I'm dreading when they do start nursery/school as they've never been away from home - well, never really even been apart from mummy and daddy. Scary times, but I hope it all works out ok. I'm sure it will. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  2. i remember taking him to nursery a few months ago and not looked back as he loves having somewhere to burn his energy off and it has really helped his development so she will love it! #binkylinky

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  4. Hope your first day back at work tomorrow goes ok and I bet Indiana ends up living nursery, my oldest use to b in childcare when I worked and she loved it and had loads of fun #binkylinky

  5. Hope your first day back went well, I bet the cuddles with Indiana after were the best! xx

  6. Hope your first day back went well. I'm finding it so hard leaving Osian in nursery. I feel like I have a missing limb! I hope she's enjoying herself in nursery, it's great that Jack can tell you all about her day! I sometimes wish I could be a little fly on the wall to see what Osian's up to in nursery xx

  7. Hope all went well yesterday at work. My son started nursery when he was 2 & it was the best thing for him - he became so much more sociable with other kids x #binkylink

  8. I hope she settles in well Emily. It took our daughter about 3 months, but she was older. When she started liking it there was no looking back, it's made her really confident. Perhaps a little too confident.


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