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What I Got For My Birthday


I was a very spoilt lady this year and I can't thank everyone enough for the presents, cards and well wishes I recieved, my little brother even created a little masterpiece on snapchat for me (I won't be showing you though or he will never speak to me again haha).

I mostly got money as I'm a really undecisive person and to be honest I have everything I truly want. I also had some lovely gifts from Pandora so my bracelet is looking pretty full now! Jack was even thoughtful enough to get me a banner and a badge so everyone knew I was celebrating haha!

The best gifts though were definitely from my other half Jack. He is the most amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for and is so so thoughtful. He actually got me 21 presents, one for each year, and I know he put thought into them all. Indiana also got me a gorgeous present so Jack definitely gets bonus points for that haha!
1 Photo Book | 2 21 Keyring | 3 Disney Pin | 4 Mood Ring | 5 2 Disney DVDS | 6 Tangled Doll | 7 2 Packs of Cookies | 8 Next Dress | 9 Disney Puzzle
10 Cupcake Plaque | 11 Magic Set | 12 Disney Duplo | 13 Minnie Figure | 14 Tinkerbell Mug | 15 Mummy Photo Frame (from Indie) | 16 2 Harry Potter Books
For weeks I thought we were going away to Manchester for a long weekend. I think if you watch one of our London vlogs from back in March we spoke about it! Then I open up my birthday card and this was what I found. 21 Euros, a ticket for a meal away... and a piece of paper for a booking to PARIS! I couldn't believe it and was so happy I burst into tears. Apparently he's had it booked since January and had it all planned out from the very beginning! I'm literally SO excited for our weekend away, and Indie is the most travelled baby I know haha. 


  1. I love all the disney presents! so cute! You are very lucky to get so many amazing things. Enjoy your trip away!


  2. What gorgeous thoughtful presents! xx

  3. Wow such a beautiful thoughtful present, you're a very lucky lady xx

  4. You got some lovely gifts! Hope you're enjoying your time in Paris :) xx


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