40 Weeks In, 40 Weeks Out


Today Indiana has officially been out longer than she was in...WHAT?!

I went into labour on my due date, however Indie didn't make her appearance for another 2 days so she was born officially at 40+2 days gestation. Today she is 40+3 weeks old!

I've been taking this time to look back on her 9 months and I just cannot believe how quickly things have gone. I absolutely loved being pregnant and still to this day miss my bump loads. I loved feeling her wiggle about and kick inside me, even if she loved to bury up in my ribs haha. Now she's babbling loads, starting to cruise and is learning to stand unaided!
             40 Week Bump                                                         40+1 and 4cm dilated!              
Indiana a few hours old - Born at 40+2 Weeks
Looking back at her newborn pictures and then gazing over to her now it's so hard to believe they're the same little lady. These 40 weeks have been exhausting, hard work and sometimes I've wanted to run away and scream. But we have been truely blessed with the most amazing little girl and all those sleepless nights, colicky evenings and poop explosions seem a thing of the past. The giggles, smiles and overall cheekiness of Indiana make everyday an adventure, and an amazing one at that! I love this age and I cannot wait to see what the future brings.
Grown up girl - Snack time with CBeebies
Oh and don't get me wrong, I love my sleep now (Indie's slept through the night since 5 weeks old), but I really, really want another! Haha, I'm crazy!


  1. Aw so sweet! I remember this age so well with Sophia., started to get so exciting. I have to say as much as it is a great age, with both mine i also found it a difficult age. Sleep regression really kicked in, and because i co slept with both, its hard. But totally agree with you such a great ag, they do so much more and are bale to communicate just that little bit more too. Happy 40 weeks Indiana. xx

  2. She's such a little sweetheart, I don't blame you for wanting another baby when Indiana is such a cutie!


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