A Bad Blogger and A Busy Weekend!


So yet again I've been a bad bad blogger and not posted in a while *slaps hand*! I was SO busy this weekend that I just didn't have time to sit and write, and then Indie has come down with a strange virus/rash so I had her home with my yesterday too.

So what have we been up to?

Friday I was working and Indie was at nursery with Jack. It ended up being her last day at her current nursery as she had Monday off. She was showing off her new walking skills and everyone was very impressed! 
Saturday Jack was supposed to be out all day getting a tattoo but it got cancelled last minute (yippee haha) so we spent the day as a family. We finally received Indie's first birthday invites so we decided to go on a round trip hand delivering the ones we could. We still had Save The Dates to give out too so we really were like little postmen haha. We did manage to squeeze in a little walk around some woods, although Jack definitely didn't think it through as it was SO muddy... no buggy next time I think!
Sunday I had a luxury baby free day with my two elder sisters! We went on a shopping trip to Lakeside and it was so lovely to spend some quality time with them without the kiddies. Of course we ended up in Ikea and Primark and we all left every shop with a bag full of shopping haha. I've filmed a haul video of what I purchased so definitely check that out below if you're interested!
It was Saturday that Indie's rash appeared. The poor monkey had/has spots all over her including her legs, arms, face and bum. Everyone we've shown pictures to has suggested chicken pox, including my mum who knows everything haha. She's happy in herself though and eating as normal, so I'm just keeping an extra close eye on her for now. Jack's said there were a few off of nursery with similar symptoms so she must have caught it from there.

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