Coffee Shops With A Baby?


When I was pregnant, and still now actually, I get people telling me you can't do want you want to do now you have a baby. You have to follow their every move and things such as shopping and going for coffee are a huge no no. But do you know what I think to that... rubbish!

If you know Jack and I you'll know we're absolutely addicted to Costa and we pretty much go every week if we can haha. We're terrible at shopping too and Indie became my little shopping buddy from day one. 
First Costa at 3 Weeks Old!
She's always been as good as gold and loves watching all the people go past and seeing what mummy's going to treat her to next. Now she's old enough she just sits with us in a highchair if we go for a coffee somewhere, or happily plays around sat on one of our laps. 
I'm sure it'll become a different story when she's a toddler and starts having those dreaded tantrums and meltdowns. But for now I'm taking full advantage of the fact that she will sit and play nicely while I enjoy my medium hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows haha!

Babies aren't the boss and if you want to go for a coffee do it!


  1. I'm a cafe person. I love going out for lunch, Nathan really hates it so I often go with my mum because she loves it too. Osian loves coming along he loves being nosy, and there's always someone who comes over to speak to him amd he loves the attention. Plus I think the change of scenery's nice for him xxx

  2. My little one can be whiny as hell, but if she sees someone eating, she always quietens down and watches intently, so coffee shops and cafe's are great for us. And a lovely excuse for me to eat cake! Xx


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