Funky Giraffe Personalised Bibs | Review


I'm a huge fan of personalised items. I have a terrible habit of collecting sentimental items so these are perfect to fulfill my desire haha. You'll also know that I absolutely love Funky Giraffe and all of their bibs (you can read my previous review here). So when I was given the opportunity to review their new designs how could I say no, especially as they now offer a personalised bibs!

As well as offering great designs themselves, they have now let you get creative and are allowing you to design your own masterpiece on a bib. You firstly choose from either of the three styles: bandana, cotton or large bib. I opted for the bandana style as this is what I think suits Indie best (and from previous experience I know they're fab).

From there you pick a colour for the bib; it won't come as a huge shock that I went for pink haha. Then I got creative and designed something I thought would be special to wear, and keep forever. They have a whole load of designs, pictures, text, etc that you can choose from. Or you can pick individual bits and really create it yourself. From the font and colour, to the layout, it's all down to you!

When my bib arrived I was so pleased with the design; it really did look exactly how I pictured it! I decided to go for a simple butterfly as well as Indiana's name and date of birth. It's simple as it's in white on the pink background, yet I think it will be something special to keep forever.

The quality is amazing, exactly like their original designs - the front is still 100% cotton so it's very soft, and I'm happy for it to be close against Indie's skin. The back in fluffy and comfortable, and I know it's going to stop any dribble reaching the skin. The only thing I am a bit disappointed with is the finish of the personalisation. The ends of the cotton are very visible and scruffy, which I was not expecting at all.

The basic price for the bibs start at £5, and then for each extra you add you add a little more (around 70p per extra). I think this price is brilliant and very affordable - especially when you consider it's all designed by you! I'm really happy with the bib, and I really think Indiana is too!

*I was not paid for this review (I was allowed to design my own for reviewing purposes) - however all opinions are honest and my own*


  1. I love personalised bits too! Plus Scarlett is very dribbly at the moment due to teething xx

    1. Aww poor Scarlett! Hope the teething stops soon xx

  2. They're really lovely! I love the butterfly. I think Osian needs a personalised bib! Will have to get designing one for him xx

  3. Aw so cute!! We love Funky Giraffe bibs, don't have a personalised one though. Such a nice touch xx


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