The London Olympia Baby Show


If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I love a good baby show. We've only ever been to the smaller version in Bluewater as it's just easier to get to and much cheaper too. However this year I was lucky enough to win a ticket to the London Olympia Baby Show!
My sister Gemma was also a lucky winner so we decided to go just the two of us and leave the babies at home. It was so lovely to spend the day with my sister, without having to run around after the kids or stop to change a nappy haha. I'm so glad we didn't bring them either as we had to get a few trains and the show was really busy; they would have been pretty bored too as trains are not exciting haha.

My first thought of the show was just how huge it was! Gemma invited me to go last year when I would have been around 37/38 weeks pregnant, I think I would have died if I did haha! There were loads of well known brands as well including: Maxi Cosi, ICandy, MAM, Fisher Price, and many more. 
As well as the bigger names there were plenty of smaller companies to discover; selling a whole range of things from baby fashion to toys, bath products and bits for us mums! One of my favourite stalls was Funky Giraffe. Everytime we wandered past it was jam packed and I could see them constantly restocking. With over 300 designs to choose from Gem and I were there for ages searching for the perfect bibs.
There were a large amount of seating areas and food stalls as well; although we brought our own lunch as I'm sure prices would have been sky high. They provided high chairs for if you had children, a private feeding area (with free Plum baby food!), as well as a well stocked changing area (with free nappies and wipes too!). I was also really impressed that they had a free creche on offer if you had brought an older child with you that needed a bit of entertaining.

The main stage was right at the back of the venue and so was our last stop. We managed to watch Dr Ellie chat about her new book and I was really impressed, and definitely agreed with what she was saying. I think that stage would have been better situated in the middle though, as I definitely think we missed some companies on our way to it.
Overall it was a fantastic day out and we had lovely chats with people, especially those at MAM. Now Indiana's getting older there's definitely not as much there I can buy. However if you are pregnant I would definitely recommend going! I know I will be when baby number 2 is on the way!


  1. Looks like a great event I was offered tickets to go off a company but it's too far for me to travel just for one day and we have nothing like this up north. Did you end up spending a fortune? I probably would have xx

  2. 15th-17th May its at the Birmingham NEC if that helps?

  3. I did the mistake of bringing Baby London! lol, he's not at an age where he can play and entertain himself alone or stay quiet in a pram especially after the train journeys!
    I also thought it was more useful for people who were pregnant or with tiny newborns, not so much for older babies, but still was great to see some of the things on the market and the developments of some of the big brands. x

  4. We went last year when Eliot was 4 months and I still found it useful but this year I really felt it was much more suitable when you're expecting or have a young baby. It's a great day out and Eliot went in the crèche as he was banging on the window to get in lol. He didn't want to come out either! X

  5. Sounds like a lovely time! I've always wanted to go to a Baby Show but they're quite far to travel to from up in the mountains! xx


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