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So, another wedding update!

You already know that we've booked the venue, but since then we've been busy bees! We have now sorted the photographer, DJ, Save The Dates, my dress and I've FINALLY given out my cards for my bridesmaids. So I can officially say our wedding is booked for October 2nd 2015... scary!

Luckily all the girls said yes (I was only slightly worried haha), so I now have my four bridesmaids on board, ready to help me with the crazy amount of plans we still have left. I've asked my two older sisters and my two closest friends; I don't have a maid of honour as I honestly couldn't decide on one! I browsed Etsy to find something cute and girly to give to them, to make the job a bit more official. I absolutely loved the cards, and so did they!
So on the left are my sisters, Laura and Gemma, and then my two friends on the right, Alice and Louise. Every time I do something wedding related it becomes more surreal haha, but even more exciting! 


  1. Eeeep so exciting!! Check you out with your ninja organisation skills! Hehe We got engaged and married within 9 months (travelling Asia for the first month and buying a house in the middle) then fell pregnant straight after so it all feels like a distant memory now!xx

    1. Haha I knowright, I can't stop planning! Wow that's just amazing, go you haha xx

  2. Adore those will you be my bridesmaid cards! Great idea! x

  3. How exciting! Those cards are gorgeous - what a lovely idea! I picked mine on the basis that they were (obviously) best friends of mine but who also had a connection to Robert (my husband). otherwise I would have ended up with about 12!! Excited to read more about your wedding planning :) x

  4. They are sooo cute! My bridesmaids are going to be 3 of my best friends each of them have done and do so much for my little family in their own ways so I think they will be perfect bridesmaids :) x

  5. What a lovely idea giving out the cards! That year will fly by. Look forward to hearing about all the planning xx

  6. So cute, they're lovely cards and a lovely idea. It's so exciting that you're getting married!! Xx


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