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When we moved back in February I didn't really think of the laminate flooring throughout the house being an issue. Indiana wasn't moving and it seemed a very long way off. However, now she's crawling like the speed of light and taking her first tentative steps it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare!

So when I was asked by Crawlerz to review their special sleepsuits I jumped at the chance. Crawlerz rompers were thought up by Matt, a single dad of 2 who came up with the idea when his children were finding it different to crawl and walk on the wooden flooring in his home; a story a lot of parents like myself can relate to.

I was lucky enough to receive two different colours, one white and one pink; however there is also a blue option for boys. They are specially designed with their patent pending anti-slip grip 'paw's, which cover the legs and both sides of the feet. These are designed to encourage and help your child to crawl and to provide grip when standing/cruising/walking! This not only stops them from falling over or slipping, but also helps towards their development, which is always a bonus.

My first opinion of the sleepsuit was that the design was pretty simple. However once on they really are lovely! The little bear paws they use for their grips are adorable and such a sweet touch compared to the usual circle grips. They are made using 100% cotton so they are lovely and soft, which is a must for me! Another great aspect is the poppers, SO much easier to use and do up (especially now Indiana doesn't sit still haha).

Indiana is now wearing 9-12 months clothing, which mostly fits her pretty well now. However she has really short legs like me so dresses and certain sleepsuits are quite long on her. This was the same for these and they absolutely swamp her at the moment! I did compare them to one of her other sleepsuits and they are pretty huge; I would therefore suggest down-sizing if you want them to fit well.

Overall I'm pretty impressed! We mostly use sleepsuits now for just sleeping, however I think these will be used for those days where we want to practice Indiana's walking as they did seem to help (we couldn't use them all the time yet until they fit better). I'm hoping they bring out more designs and colours, because they definitely are a great idea! If you're interested they retail on their website at £11.99 each.

What do you think of these brilliant sleepsuits?

Disclosure - I was kindly sent these items to review, however all opinions are honest and my own


  1. Aw, they're so cute! I remember the first rompers my twins wore and how cute they looked in them! Love this! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  2. Aww she looks cute & those paw designs are nice. What a nice review. This is always a problem of me ( & my son) as well. Everything we buy is too long for the both of us so I have the sewing machine in the ready to alter jeans & trousers =P #binkylinky

  3. Great idea for wooden floors, we have carpets but I can imagine the sliding around #binkylinky

  4. They look great we have laminate flooring through are whole house too and it was a night mare when Sophia was starting to crawl and walk as she kept slipping over so when Jacob starts crawling in a few months I think I will have to buy him some of these xx


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