Indiana's First Halloween!


I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. Horror movies and being scared is not something I'm in to... I even have to watch The Walking Dead with a light on haha. But this year I really got into the spirit!

This year was Indiana's first Halloween (technically second as she was present as a rather large bump last year haha). We decided to not get a proper dress up costume for her as she is still a bit too little at 11 months. However we did get her two cute little Halloween items.
Jack and I were both working during the day so Indie went to nursery. She was dressed for the occasion in a Halloween top from Mothercare, black and white stripey leggings from Primark and an orange and white bow from The Bow Boutique. Jack said they spent the day playing with pumpkins which is a lovely idea.
We then went to my sisters for a little family Halloween party! We carved pumpkins, watched Hocus Pocus and there was even a brain jelly! It was a great evening, completed by Indie going to bed in her 'my first Halloween' sleepsuit. 
I can't wait to dress her up properly next year and maybe even take her trick or treating. Holidays are definitely so much more fun when you have a child!


  1. We went to a Zoo Fright Night :) it was actually really good and we got to see all the big actually nd imams up close as they were in their beds :) looks like Indiana had a great day, I loved her top she wore for nursery :) I'm looking forward to next year too. Will have two kids to celebrate with hehe xx

  2. *** animals... Bloody phone I hate this new predicted text lmao x

  3. Indiana's outfits are so cute! My 9 month old loved going around the street trick or treating with her 6 year old sister while wearing a cat costume! x


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