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This Time Last Year!


You're all probably aware of the App 'Timehop'. It's been my best friend the past few days as I've been getting constant reminders of what was going on! Yesterday, the 24th would have been my due date. 
I remember writing this status SO clearly! I totally thought that nothing was going to happen. We spent the day cleaning our flat, wandering around our local industrial estate and even went for a coffee. Little did I know that my contractions would start that evening! 
I even filmed my 40 week pregnancy update moaning that I was still pregnant. I hadn't even reaslised how much lower my bump was in this picture I posted on Instagram! But low and behold my contractions started on my due date at 7.30pm, and then my waters broke (in true hollywood fashion) at midnight!
It's so crazy to think this time last year I was in full blown labour, and had already been and been sent home from hospital 3 times already haha. It's even crazier to think that tomorrow (well at 2.12am to be precise) I will have a one year old baby girl! 

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  1. I honestly don't know how I'm going to cope! It literally goes so fast! Happy 1st Birthday for tomorrow Indiana xx


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