Wedding Series | A Little Update!


I thought it was about time for a little wedding update as it's been a while since I mentioned it! We've kind of put the plans on hold at the moment as we're busy planning Indiana's first birthday and Christmas is just around the corner. However we've got pretty far with the important bits, including finalising the guest list, choosing bridesmaids/groomsmen, and choosing the cake!

The venue is all booked and paid for and I had the call from the registrar a few weeks ago so that is all sorted; we just have to wait for a few months before to go and give notice (Jack had no idea what this was haha). 

The photographer has been chosen and booked too. The lady we have chosen is soo lovely, and we're really excited to meet her again for the pre-wedding talks. We decided to pay a little bit more for the photographer as 1, we wanted the wedding album included and 2, it's one of the most important bits apart from the dress!

Speaking of my dress that has also been chosen! It was a few weeks back that my two sisters and I went dress shopping. It was one of the most amazing days and I really did feel special. The shop we went to had a whole range of dresses and I tried on loads of different styles. The winner was one of the first ones I tried on, and nothing else compared to it in the end (it made my sister cry so it had to be the one haha).

We've sorted the DJ for the reception too. I've asked my cousin to do the honour as he's a professional DJ and I know he's very good at what he does! We've now got to think of the songs for our first dances, which at this rate is never going to happen as Jack and I have such different taste.

Finally we've sent out our save the dates! The colour scheme is mint green so of course these match. We will be sending out proper invitations closer to the time, but as it's on a Friday we thought it was best to send these out first. 

The next step is the flowers. I'm totally on my own with this one as Jack has no idea, although to be honest neither do I haha! So any advice with this part would be greatly appreciated.
I'll hopefully update you more when we've got further with the planning! Only 11 months to go now... eeek!


  1. Aw sounds like you're really organised :). I had calla lilies as I love them. I suppose it depends on what you like and also what will be available at the time of year you're getting married. Someone I know got married inbetween Christmas and new year and knew flowers might be difficult to get hold of or not in season so she made a bouquet from brooches, it was gorgeous xx

  2. You have organised so much in such a short space of time. I can not wait to see all your photo's and hear what your day was like as I am sure it will be really magical and beautiful xx


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