Indiana's First Birthday & Party


As you know last week Indiana turned one! Unfortunately we were all poorly with bad colds which ruined the day a bit, however we had a lovely time regardless! We spent her actual birthday just the 3 of us, and then had a birthday party for her last Saturday with family and close friends.

As a special treat we bundled ourselves up and enjoyed a lovely trip to London! As well as visiting the Sealife Centre (which was amazing!), we also wandered around Southbank, Covent Garden and had a very tasty Wagamamas. 

London was completely dead for a change, and it was so foggy you couldn't even see the skyscrapers. It was lovely and Christmassy none the less, and I really did get in the festive spirit whilst there! As it was so quiet we didn't have to queue for the aquarium, and it allowed Indiana to walk around at her own leisurely pace. 

Her party was just as good with everyone bar a few people who couldn't get out of work turning up. Our little flat was overflowing, but it was such a nice feeling knowing all these people were there to celebrate our baby girl's birthday. She was totally spoilt rotten; we are very very greatful!

I'll leave you with some special pictures from the day and her party. I have already uploaded her birthday Vlog to our YouTube Channel if you wish to see our whole day! Warning, there's a lot of pictures haha!


  1. I absolutely looooveee the picture of Indiana with the chopsticks! Shame you were all a bit sick but glad you enjoyed the special occasion anyway xx

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic day. I am still I'm shock at how fast this year has gone! She is so sweet, can't believe it... A year old already! Xxx

  3. Aww your little girl is beautiful! I have a nearly 4 month old and can't imagine her turning 1 just yet although I'm sure it'll be here before I know it! I love your blog, have just followed you :D xx

  4. ahh bless her, she's gorgeous - the photo of her asleep on daddy is adorable! x


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