MAM Trainer Cup | Review


We have had an absolute nightmare trying to get Indiana to drink from a cup and not a bottle. From about 4/5 months we introduced a sippy cup to try and get her to drink water, but she basically refused every single one! So when I was asked by MAM to review one of their trainer bottles I thought I'd give it a go, maybe this one she would like!

We love MAM products. Their dummys are the only ones Indiana would take to, so I knew that the quality was going to be brilliant. I didn't know they had so many different types of cups to choose from though! The one we are trying is called the 'learn to drink' cup from ages 8months+. Below is an image taken from their website that describes it in a lot better detail than I ever could!

What I love most about the cup is that you have the choice between 'free flow' and a spill free valve. This makes it brilliant for learning and means it can grow with the child. She doesn't quite get the concept of sucking through the valve yet, so when it is in (although it is much cleaner - there isn't water everywhere haha), she doesn't get any water. However with the valve removed she loves it! I would not be happy to leave her just yet (or put it in my bag) without the valve as it really would be too messy for us. However, I do think this is a brilliant idea.

The designs are so bright and eye catching. We have the pink obviously, but I do love the boy designs as well. They are vibrant and fun, and I think their quirky designs are much more unique that the standard 'baby' products you usually see.

The size is also great, perfect for out and about or when at home. It's easy for Indie to pick up as it's designed with a curve. This means that there's somewhere for her to place her hands and get a good grip.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the cup. It doesn't spill which although seems obvious, there are a lot of 'non spill' cups out there that do leak! I will say I don't think we will use it as her main cup for a while yet, as without the valve in there is chance of leaking. I also don't think I would have given this to Indiana at 8 months. It seems much more suitable for her age range now or for a toddler.

If you are interested in purchasing your own they are sold all over, including their own website or Boots.

*We were given this item to review, however all opinions are honest and my own*


  1. This looks like a good one. I really struggled with Amelia too had so so many before I found one she could do. She just could not grasp the tipping the cup upward to get water so she has a Nuby one with a straw! Now she won't drink from anything else so just leaving her with that one for now! Plus it's a non spill one. Ours is pink too! Xx

  2. Sounds like a good beaker :) I'm so glad Osian can finally drink from a non spill one with a valve, as before he would end up getting everywhere soaked because he thought it was funny to completely fill his mouth and then let it all come trickling out! Glad she's drinking from it okay! xxx


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