My #Nextmas Wishlist!


If you know me you'll know my ridiculous obsession with all things Next! I could pretty much spend all my free time in there, and I'm not ashamed to admit it's almost purely for their gorgeous baby/childrens clothes! 

So I thought I'd share with you a quick little wishlist! It was hard to pick a small selection, but I've gone for something for me and then something for Indiana to make it fair. Pyjamas each, something Christmassy and a little treat for the both of us!
1 | Robin Cuff PJS - I absolutely adore these! How cute are they and I think although they're for Christmas, I think they'd be suitable all year round.

2 | Just Pink Eau De Parfum - This is my favourite. It's so reasonably priced and smells so gorgeous and girly! Mines on it's last legs so I'm in need of another!

3 | 3 Pack Fairy Snuggle PJS - Now Indiana's walking we need more actual pjs (she's still too short for her sleepsuits haha). These are gorgeous, and I love how the 3 pack are all different and equally as pretty.

4 | Denim Bunny Pinafore Dress - From the moment I saw this I think I fell in love. Babies in little pinafore dresses are unbelievably cute; add a bunny design and it's even better! Again I love how this has a Christmassy feel, but would be fine when it's over.

5 | Snowman Jumper - Christmas isn't complete without a Christmas jumper! It was so hard to choose one, but I couldn't resist this cute little snowman.

6 | Robin Jumper - It wouldn't be fair to not get myself a Christmas jumper would it?! I'm not a fan of the over the top tacky ones I've seen, but I think this is actually really pretty and cute for a Christmas jumper!


  1. I have the little pinafore set for Amelia! It is super cute so maybe treat yourself...or indiana!! I have that perfume too and love the smell. Need to do my post for this! Xx

  2. I've bought those pjs for my Christmas pjs. I'll probably wear them anytime though. Love their Just Pink stuff, smells so good!! I'm a Next addict too, they have the best boys selection of any shop xx

  3. So so cute!!! But I'll let you in on a secret, TU at sainsburys have very similar Robin pjs for almost half the price!! They're gorgeous xx

  4. Lovely choices, I really like the snowman jumper! I love buying Osian clothes from Next, I need to stop myself buying the whole boys department sometimes haha. I've got my eye on some lovely pyjamas from there, hoping Santa will bring me a pair! :) xx


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