Visiting Father Christmas!


I've been so quiet on here recently and I can only put it down to being so busy with a toddler, work and preparing for Christmas! So apologies for that, but if you want to catch up with what we've been up to check out my YouTube Channel, as we've been vlogging every day as part of Vlogmas!

Anyway! On Sunday we went to see the big man himself, Father Christmas. It's crazy how booked up he becomes at all the 'decent' places, and even though I booked at the beginning of November we still only managed to get a slot before 10am!

It was well worth it though, and the grotto we went to was much better than the one in the town centre last year. We had a really lovely Santa, who took his time to talk to Indiana as he understood how young children can be. They also took loads of photos so we had a hard choice deciding which one to get (our visit included a framed photo which was a great touch).

Unfortunately Indiana did scream a bit haha. The second Jack put her down she started crying, however we calmed her down and she eventually warmed to him; even letting us sit her on his lap for a picture!
I know she still doesn't understand but we want her to believe eventually, and so we are going to take her every year... last year she was only 3 weeks old! Also sorry for the terrible picture quality, but it's a picture of a picture haha.

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