Vita Coco Kids | Review


We were recently contacted by the lovely people at Vita Coco Kids on Twitter, who asked us if we wanted to trial some of their new range. We've never tried coconut water or anything like that as a household so of course I was so excited to say yes!

If you haven't heard of them before, Vita Coco Kids are naturally flavoured coconut water; with two different flavours including apple and blackcurrant and mango and pineapple! As you know Indiana has never had juice before so I was a bit nervous about how she'd react to them. But I had nothing to worry about! The second the straw was in her mouth she knew what to do, and there was a chorus of 'yum yums' coming from her haha.

I of course checked the ingredients and small prints before allowing her to have a taste (and no she didn't have the whole thing before the mummy police comes to get me!). There's actually less sugar in these than most big name kids juices, plus a whole load more potassium! Another great fact is that they're free from preservatives, colourings or added sugar!

Jack and I even had a taste and we both agreed they're pretty yummy, so they've got the thumbs up from all of us!

Have you ever tried coconut water?

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