A New Years Day Walk at Knole Park


I meant to share these pictures last week but with working I just didn't get time to sit down and write! 

New Years Day for us was just like any other day. We didn't go out drinking, or even stay in drinking for that matter haha, so we weren't suffering. We wanted to get out and about so we went for a lovely family walk around a local National Trust property, Knole Park.

It was absolutely freezing, so so windy and it definitely looked like rain throughout. We made the most of it regardless, and Indiana even got to run off some energy on the walk back. Having a walking baby toddler is just so much fun!


  1. These pictures are absolutely adorable - probably my favourite you've shared yet. We are still yet to take Digs out for an outdoor walk like this - one, because it's just been so grotty and cold, and two, because I don't think he'd hold our hand so nicely as Indiana did haha. Good job we've got one of those LittleLife rein-rucksacks sorted. Hoping to get out this weekend :) xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Such a nice way to start the year :)

  3. I love these photos, they're so cute! :) it's so sweet having a little person walk next to you isn't it? It makes me realise how small Osian is when he's walking next to me, or even more so when he's walking next to someone else! Xx

  4. Shes gorgeous, you took some lovely photo's. I love winter walks, wrapping up warm while getting fresh air. Such a good feeling.
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net


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