Indiana's Weekend Baby Style #2


So I had to miss out last week due to working and not actually picking Indiana's outfits, but I'm back! Technically I'm cheating a bit as this was actually an outfit she wore during the week (I hope this is okay Hannah, feel free to give me a slap on the wrist if not haha). I got so many lovely compliments on the outfit on Instagram, so I just had to choose it!
Top/Shirt: Next
Leggings: Next
Socks: Next
Bow: The Bow Boutique

As you can see I'm an absolute Next addict... and proud haha! I love this shirt and I'm going to be so so sad when she grows out of it. Indiana is also a massive poser, think I take too many pictures!


  1. Waaah that shirt is the best!! I love it! She rocks the headband very well too. She's a proper little poser, just like Isla. What have we created haha. Thanks for linking up doll :) xx #weekendbabystyle

  2. I loooovee this!!! One of my faves on her, the colours look so good on her and so stylish!! You really are a next addict!!! Xx

  3. She takes lovely pictures. I love the denim shirt combo on boys and girls and it really goes with the pink leggings. Fab outfit!

  4. Oh how lovely, and of course it's ok to use a post from the week! I remember seeing this on Insta and loving it - she just looks so adorable! I have massive girl clothing/headband envy, I'd love to have a girl one day as the clothes are so lovely! thanks so much for linking up - see you next time on the #weekendbabystyle! xxx

  5. I am totally a Next addict too haha!
    I love that top, she looks so cute! I love the bow too :)


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