CozyGlo Night Lights


Recently I was contacted by the lovely Katherine from CozyGlo on Twitter. If you've not heard of the company before it's because their idea is completely brand new! I've loved hearing their story about how their company and the idea itself came about. Now I'm sharing it was you, as they need all the support they can to get the products out there! Here's some background information, taken from their website:

"After having their daughter, Grace, in January 2014, Katherine and Tom experienced many broken nights and soon realised that a night light is an essential companion to nocturnal parenting. During this time, they were disappointed by the lack of quality children’s night lights - they wanted more from a night light to better tend to the needs of their baby and make their lives easier. So they set about designing their own, and CozyGlo was born!"

They wanted more than just a night light too. Their unique designs offer to much more including:
- A dimmer
- Stopwatch
- Clock
- Thermometer
- Light alarm
- Countdown light timer - meaning it isn't left on all night!

They've initially created three super cute designs as well - Colonel Comfort, Papa Penguin and Beatrice the Rescue Dog.


  1. I love the look of these! The designs are so cute!! Xx

  2. Just what Mums and Grannies need too! Hip hip hooray


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