A Family Day In Brighton | Brighton Sealife Centre


If you remember way back in November we booked tickets to visit the Sealife Centre in Brighton for Indie's birthday. Unfortunately a few days before our visit I discovered it was actually closed! However, with the weather now getting better and actually having some free time we decided it was time to use the tickets haha.. only a few months late.

Brighton is only a 45minute/1 hour drive away so it didn't take us long to get there at all - Indiana even had a nap in the car which was brilliant. Our first stop were the shops to get in some cheeky shopping before heading down to the beach itself.

We wandered through The Lanes and all around to try and find somewhere to eat. We ended up in Harvester as it is located right above The Sealife Centre! Indie was being a complete show off and waving and talking to everyone she saw. Our waiter even wanted to take her home haha.

With a yummy lunch eaten we made our way down to the Sealife Centre. I've been a few times but this was Jack's first visit. It's much smaller than the one in London but there's still loads to see! To be honest though we didn't stand still long to look at anything haha. Indiana was running around everywhere giggling away, she loved having the freedom to just go where she wanted.

Her and Jack loved the little pop up bubbles though - the ones where you can 'go into' the tanks and see inside haha. She adored the tunnel too and we spent ages watching the giant turtles and rays swimming along above us.

With Indie getting tired again we decided to get her back in the pram and walk along the pier. There's something about Brighton pier that just brings back memories of being a kid. Jack of course had to have a go on the claw machines; one day he'll learn he won't win haha.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time :) I'm dying to go to Brighton, I've heard so much about it x

  2. Aww Indie in the tank I love that photo, cheeky girl!l sounds like a lovely day. We have a sealife centre here but it's much much smaller really want to go to the one in London. Good you finally got to go and to be honest Indiana probably got more out of it being that little bit older. Lovely photos! Xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day! Ive only been to Brighton once, I really must go again soon its sun a lovely place :) xx

  4. I haven't taken little man to the sealife centre- terrible I know! But I must do it. Indiana seems to love it so much, so I know it would be up William's street too xx

  5. Lovely photos, it sounds like you all had an amazing day. You're so right about there being nothing better than family time together :-) xx


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