Bluestone Wales Diary | Thursday 26th March


Thursday was our last proper day at Bluestone and we were determined to keep it just as busy as the rest! We had already decided to go to Folly Farm but decided to squeeze in a messy play class before, and we're so glad we did! We didn't prebook this one but there didn't seem to be a problem joining in on the day.

The class was run by the same lady who did toddler sensory and I thought it was a lovely touch that she remembered us and the other children's names who she'd met before. The class was based on a 'birthday party' and the kids were basically allowed to be set free to explore! We stripped Indie down to her vest as we knew it would be best (I'd suggest this or old clothes to save things getting ruined!).
Indie was a bit unsure at first as we've never really done anything like this with her before (Jack assures me they do similar activities at nursery - but I know it's not the same). Jack quickly got stuck in with her and this gave her the confidence to get messy and have fun. The class lasted an hour and Indie was one of the last 3 kids standing; a lot of them left pretty quickly.

Her favourite part was definitely the water and she almost dived into the tray for washing hands at one point haha. She loved painting too and was pretty good with the paintbrush. It was lovely for me to sit back and watch.
With messy play complete we got in the car straight to Folly Farm. We knew it was close but it was basically around the corner - less than a 10 minute drive! The day we went was classed as a 'toddler day' but to be honest I didn't really see much about this once we were there.

I'll be writing a separate review of Folly Farm with a whole load more pictures, but we had a fantastic time. The name really doesn't do it justice as it's not just a farm! There were huge play areas, interactive zones, a vintage funfair and even zoo animals (my favourite part haha). We could have spent all day there easily and still not had time to see everything.
Our first stop was the farm area, complete with what you'd expect to see there - sheep, pigs, chickens, goats, etc. It had that proper country smell which was a bit much for my super sensitive pregnant nose though haha. Indiana even got the chance to stroke a rabbit which was so sweet; she kept giving the lady such an amazed smile after every stroke. We even bumped into our lovely blogger friend Alice and her little one Amelia again - and of course we had to take a selfie haha.

We braved the wind and went of a 'train ride' (essentially a tractor ride haha) around the outside farm area, and then stopped for lunch at the Funfair Restaurant. Indiana got her first little kids lunch box meal while Jack and I opted for a warmer hot lunch. It was pretty loud in there though, as it was inside the vintage funfair. We didn't go on any of the rides as I still think Indie's a bit small; she had much more fun running around anyway!
The zoo section of the park was my absolute favourite! There were a large selection of animals and all the enclosures seemed really modern and well kept. The penguins tank had a huge glass panel where you could sit and watch them for hours. I'd never seen them that clearly or closely before and they seemed to love following you around haha.

The giraffes were amazing too - it's been years seen I'd seen any! When we arrived they were doing training exercises which were really interesting to watch. Unfortunately Indie decided she was too tired from all the fun, and missed most of the animals bless her haha.
She woke up just in time to watch daddy milk a goat though which was hilarious! The lady even asked Jack if he'd done it before which made us giggle - milking a goat isn't something most people do every day haha.

We ended our busy day by ordered from the parks takeaway service. You simply call up, order off the menu you can either find online or pick up from The Village, and they deliver it to your door! It was such a cool little idea and I loved how the meals on the menu weren't your everyday takeaways either. Jack had a curry with the extras and I went for the lasagne. Both were really tasty and generous portions, and arrived exactly when we asked.
We were so sad to pack up and leave Friday morning and would definitely come back (probably for a week as you lose a lot of time with the distance we have to travel). Check-out was as simple as putting our keys into a little box as we drove out of the park which was very convenient. We had to be out of our lodge by 10 but were free to stay until 3.30 if we wished; we decided to drive straight home which was another lovely 5.5 hour drive!

I hope you enjoyed my Bluestone diaries and keep an eye out for more posts coming up! Don't forget to check out #bluestoneblogger for more pictures, and posts from myself and other bloggers.

Disclaimer - We were provided with a 4-night stay free of charge in exchange for a honest and personal review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. We didn't get the chance to experience folly farm because we ran out of time, but next time definitely! X

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time. Love the photo of the giraffes x x

  3. It looks and sounds like you all had an amazing time. We were invited to go but we were unable to as it would be a 9 and a half hour drive and there was noway i would do that with a toddler and a baby xx

  4. Sounds like a great time. The class sounds amazing, Osian loves water, he's always asking to wash his hands, and they played with water in nursery recently,he apparently went crazy! Folly Farm sounds like a good day out, lovely photos, I love Indiana's little jacket :) I'm glad you all had a great time xx


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