Bluestone Wales Diary | Tuesday 24th March


Tuesday was the first proper day our little holiday and we made sure to get errands out of the way first. Not before enjoying a lovely breakfast of fresh croissants from Miller's Bakery located in The Village - so reasonably priced and bloody lovely!
We had visited the little store in The Village but upon noticing how pricey it was in there, we knew we needed to head to a proper supermarket for some bits. Luckily there was a Morrison's about 10 minutes down the road - the only downside was having to walk the shopping back to our lodge (next time we'd probably go before checking in!). The walk wasn't too bad though as it was all down hill, and gave us a good look round the park which was so peaceful, even though the car park was full.
We knew we wanted Indiana to have a decent nap, as we had a busy afternoon planned, so we stayed in most of the morning and had lunch at the lodge too. We loved all sitting around the table for our meals and the well equipped kitchen made cooking easy.

I'd already pre-booked Indiana onto toddler sensory (£7) for the afternoon which we were really excited about. We knew a lot of fellow bloggers would be there, and I couldn't wait to see how Indiana would react. I was a bit surprised that they didn't check who was actually booked onto the session as we were just taken straight up to the Circus Room.

Indiana had an absolute blast and so did we! The first half of the session was free play where the toddlers could run around, interact with each other and just have fun! I was a bit disappointed with this as the room is free to use for guests anyway - but it was lovely to see them all play together. We got to meet Alice from Alice & Amelia, Shaz from A Pinch of Shaz and Jen from Chic Geek Diary. It was so strange but so lovely seeing them and their beautiful babies after following them on their blogs/Instagram for over a year now!

The second half of the session involved music, lights, bubbles, games and Indiana's favourite part a parachute! The lady running the session was great - very chatty and tried her best to keep all the kids entertained (although another downside to the location meant most of them just wanted to go and play in the soft play).
With toddler sensory over we headed over to the Blue Lagoon to go swimming! I'd heard such fab things about this place and couldn't wait (even if it meant baring my bump in a bikini haha). Unfortunately the lady at the desk - you just mention you're staying and they give you your tickets - said no pictures/filming allowed which was a bummer! I did manage a few sneaky shots though.

I loved how warm the whole area was, I wasn't cold at any point! They had family changing rooms which is a lovely bonus (although the only proper showers were split up which I thought was odd). Indiana loved the kids pool and playing with the water jets in the main pool. The lazy river was a lot faster than we expected, and the waves got pretty choppy haha!
After such an action packed afternoon we spent the rest of the evening relaxing in our lodge. Jack cooked fajitas, and I didn't even have to wash up as there was a dishwasher.. woohoo! We even got to enjoy this beautiful sunset from our sofa, so gorgeous! Make sure to check out #bluestoneblogger for more posts about Bluestone!

Disclaimer - We were provided with a 4-night stay free of charge in exchange for a honest and personal review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Lots of the babies just wanted to go on the soft play...rewrite that to Amelia just wanted to go on the soft play lol!!! We loved the bakery too and enjoyed croissants for breakfast! Amelia loved the kids swimming bit too. Love the photos of Indiana so cute xx

  2. Loving your reviews love. The photo's of fab! Well apart from the one of me, I look so enthralled :') Bwahah xx

  3. Lovely to have holidays with lots to do for children. Loads of lovely pictures and memories captured. Glad you all had a lovely time! #aNoviceMumCommentLuv

  4. It really frustrated me that pictures weren't allowed. When on holiday at a holiday resort I don't see the issue. I have pictures of when I was little at center parcs swimming, it's part of the family fun. Grrrrr. I did the same as you though and took a sneaky snap ;)

  5. That rant was about the pool lol xx


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