Bluestone Wales Diary | Wednesday 25th March


Day 3 of our little holiday was just as busy and fun filled as the rest! We really wanted to explore the resort, and Jack was determined to go into the woods we could see from our living room window too haha. So bright and early we made our way to the Steep Ravine towards Camp Smokey!
Leaving nice and early meant that Indiana napped in her pram, so we got to enjoy the beautiful sites and sounds just the two of us - we've added Wales to the list of places the Snoozeshade has worked it's wonders haha. All I could hear were the birds singing, trickling water and the sound of the pram working it's way over the pretty bumpy surface!

Once we made it to Camp Smokey we decided to keep on walking along the nature trail. We intended to go back for a drink but just didn't have the time! The walk was pretty rough for the pram, and we both agreed a carrier or letting Indiana walk would have been easier. But our good old Oyster made it... even if I got stuck in the mud a few times haha.
The end of the trail came out by The Village and the lake. Indiana woke up just as we got half way around the lake, perfect timing for a bite to eat! Miller's Bakery sells a lot more than just bread and pastries, and it's all so reasonably priced which is great.

We got to enjoy a lovely hot drink and snack while we sat in the sun.. bliss. Opposite the bakery is a huge play park, suitable for both younger and older children. It was so quiet and we were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves! The floor was covered in bark chippings so I was happy for Indie to run around as much as she wanted, knowing she was safe.

Her and Jack had so much fun going down the slide and playing in the little wigwam - I wish I wasn't so tired and huge so I could have joined in haha.
A quick pit stop back at our lodge for lunch and another nap for Indiana, and then it was back out in the afternoon for Jack's crossbow lesson! We prebooked this online (£14) before we came and he was very excited (we're huge Walking Dead fans).

The lesson was fab and Jack really enjoyed himself - he did say he wished the bolts weren't caped though as it wasn't as dangerous haha. The instructor was really friendly and gave simple instructions. Jack was against a younger boy but this didn't seem to make a difference; he was beating Jack up until the end!
With the lesson over we thought Indiana needed a bit of time to run around and have fun. We headed back to the Adventure Centre and straight to the bouncy castle again. We also found the bigger soft play this time which Jack and Indie enjoyed - especially the ball pit.

We then spent a good hour back up in the Circus Room, which like the park earlier we had all to ourselves! Indie finally learnt to go up the stairs and down the slide by herself, went on the little rollercoaster again and again, and chased Jack in and out of pop up tents - all while I got to relax with my feet up (after I enjoyed the soft play myself as well too haha).
We tried out The Knights Tafarn for dinner this night - a lovely pub like restaurant full of atmosphere and great food choices. The menu didn't seem very big but they had a 'Specials' board which had plenty of extra choices. Jack was even able to open up a tab so we didn't have to keep paying for each bit separately.

Jack and I both went for the 'catch of the day' which was just a fancy name for fish and chips haha. We then ordered Indiana a kids Shepard's pie which came with vegetables. What we loved about the kids menu especially was that there was such a wide choice; only one coming with chips!
The meals arrived SO quickly, were presented well and the portions were a great size. Indiana's Shepard's pie was really tasty, and I must admit I finished it off when she was done eating haha. We ordered pudding this night as we felt like a little treat and these didn't disappoint either. Indiana had the flake from her ice cream before we could even get the camera out haha!
It's amazing how quickly the days passed - there was never a moment where I felt bored or like I had nothing to do. If anything there was so much to do, they went too quickly! Make sure to check out #bluestoneblogger for more posts about Bluestone!

Disclaimer - We were provided with a 4-night stay free of charge in exchange for a honest and personal review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. It all looks so lovely! x

    Abigail Bryony |

  2. Another lush day we. We loved the Knights tafarn! I'm gutted we didn't make it out and about up toward the steep ravine and camp smokey could have done with a few more days for sure. Well done indie for learning to use the stairs for the slide!! Xxx

  3. Aah look at Indiana's little face. Looks like she really enjoyed her meal x x

  4. It looks like a great active family break! The food looks really impressive too! I really want to go


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