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Ever-since Indiana started walking I've been obsessed with looking at, and buying shoes for her. Poor Indiana has been blessed with feet just like her mummy though - VERY wide - so it's not as easy as just picking up any pair from the shops. So when I was asked whether I'd like to review some shoes created especially for toddlers I just had to say yes!

Attipas was launched in 2011 - 7 years of research and development later! The specially designed toddler shoes are created to allow the child to feel the sole of the shoes, and to let them move their toes freely. They evenly distribute foot pressure which makes them perfect for growing feet and helping toddlers to walk correctly.

They have a whole array of designs suitable for both boys and girls. The way they are made means that the 'shoe' section connects to a 'sock' so that they fit snuggly without need for straps. They go on as easily as socks too which is great for if you have a wiggly toddler like me haha.

I love how soft and flexible they are. I think these would be perfect as first shoes for when your baby/toddler has just started properly walking. They are light so they won't weigh down their feet and the rubber sole means that they grip the floor properly too. Another little bonus is that they're completely machine washable - ideal for messy toddlers!

The designs are bright, eye-catching and fun. I personally think they need to add a few basic colours, as I don't think they'd go with a lot of Indiana's clothes. A lot of other parents may like this though, so obviously this is just a personal observation. The 'sock' part also seemed slightly tight around her ankles but I think that's because of her chubby little legs haha.

Disclaimer - We were sent these shoes for the purpose of this review - however all opinions are honest and my own


  1. Oh cute!!! They look like they would be good for them as indoor shoes now instead of slippers maybe! Her biddy feet 😍 xx

  2. What a great invention - they look so cute too!

  3. They're gorgeous! Love the colour x

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  5. Oh they are so cute! I have no need to be looking at baby girls shoes, but they looked so cute, I just had to have a proper look ;)

    I know that my husbands bank balance would have been in serious trouble if we'd have had a girl not a boy!

    Great review and cute photo's of squidgy baby feet, #familytested

  6. So cute. Great that they are washable too! Thanks for sharing with #FamilyTested

  7. Oh crikey how cute are these!! She looks like a little fairy! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyTested hun xxx


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