SnuggleUp! Pregnancy Pillow | Review


With my pregnancy with Indiana my bump seemed to grow so slowly, and if I'm honest it was never that huge. I got away with sleeping with just an extra pillow between my legs as I didn't think I needed a special pregnancy one. However this time I've been huge since the day the test said positive haha! I went with just a normal V-shaped pillow at first and although it was comfy, it just wasn't practical - I'm a HUGE fidget at night so it would just fall out of the bed.

When PregnancyPillows contacted me and asked if I wanted to review one of their pregnancy pillows I couldn't have said yes fast enough! Based in Manchester, PregnancyPillows are specialists in pregnancy, maternity and nursing pillows - helping us mummies get that well needed sleep before our babies are born, and then even supporting with feeding after! They have over 15 years experience and offer long lasting products in a range of designs and fabrics.

I opted for the L-Shaped design as I thought this would be better suited for me. The pillow is basically one long sausage and is perfect for if you don't have huge amounts of space (or if there's not much room in the bed like us haha). There are also 4 other designs: U-shaped, Nursing, Angel Wing and V-shaped. All the styles are fully customisable; you can choose between different fillings, colours and whether you want a lavender scented filling or not too. I opted for the 'Original' with a cream babysoft outing.

As soon as the pillow arrived (which was super quick!) I wanted to jump in bed and snuggle up. The casing is SO soft and cosy, and much nicer against the skin than a normal pillowcase. I know this will be lovely for Pip to snuggle up on too when he's born. I didn't realise mine would be lavender scented - I'm not a fan at all - but it really wasn't that powerful and if I'm honest I'm sure the smell only lasted a few days!

The pillow is perfect for supporting my back when sitting up either in bed or on the sofa, as it gives support to my lower back. I love to sleep with it between my legs, supporting my bump as well. The filling is perfect as it's flexible, and doesn't just squish down to nothing when you put pressure on it. It is a bit tricky to move around with once in bed though as it's so long - I end up having to push all the covers off to move the pillow then putting them back on.

Indiana has been loving it too and loves to drag it onto the floor to relax on. I'm not worried about it getting too dirty though as the cover can be taken off and machine washed too - you can even purchase an extra pillowcase if you want a spare.

I'm absolutely loving my pillow and cannot believe I didn't get one sooner! This is definitely something I'll be recommending to all my pregnant friends and family.

We received this pillow in exchange for our open and honest review.


  1. This looks great....It's so wrong, I'm not even pregnant and I want one for sleeping. lol

  2. A decent pregnancy pillow is an essential for me - this looks like a good one!

  3. Oh that pillow does look very comfy. I had an L-shaped pillow when I was pregnant and it was brilliant - also came in handy afterwards as a breastfeeding pillow :-)

  4. They are so comfy!! I found mine an absolute life saver! x

  5. That looks so so so comfy!! I want one and im not even pregnant. I could have really done with one of these when I was though! Will be so nice to use when baby is here! Xx

  6. It looks so comfy and i love how you can wash the cover too. I would have been lost without my pregnancy pillow it was the only way i could sleep x #triedtested


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