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Sleep Regression? Teething? HELP!


Why is Google always the first place you head to when you want answers? I'm terrible for it and if I'm honest I never find a bloody answer haha! Recently the search has been for why Indiana has been in such a foul mood.

She's turned into the tantrum queen; throwing herself on the floor in public places, much to the disapproval of onlookers. The girl who used to nap twice a day for almost 2 hours at a time is point blank refusing to do just that. Oh and the waking at night! Between midnight and 1am seems to be her favourite time to scream and scream and scream. As well as a few more screams until around 6.30am when it's time to get up.

But why?!

One suggestion was that she was going through an 18 month sleep regression. I didn't even know this existed! She's also not 18 months for a week haha. It would explain a lot though and gives a reason for her terrible sleeping at night.

Yesterday I noticed she's got her 4 canines coming so is it all down to teething? It must be pretty rough getting 4 teeth at once, poor girly, but she's never been like this with teeth before. I can see one has broken through so fingers crossed the others aren't far behind.

So who knows what's up with her. I think I've given up trying to work it out and am just going with the flow haha. She only woke up once last night (after battling to get her to sleep instead), so I'm hoping we're on the way out of the stage. God I wish I liked coffee!


  1. I love how the first port of call is Google. We all do that....not that Dr Google helps at times! The problem with kids is taht whatever you think is wrong they like to keep us parents on our toes and mix things up just to confuse us. I hope you get to the bottom of it though :) #bestandworst

  2. Oh my goodness this sounds exactly like Amelia a few months back. Her mood was terrible all because she wasn't getting enough sleep! Hopefully it's just teeth but Amelia was awful from 15months until we did the bed move. Fingers crossed for you!! It can be so tough lack of sleep tantrums Ahh!!! Xxx

  3. It is so flipping hard when they do a 180 and you haven't a clue what is going on. It does sound like teething. We had a bad week around that time. Waking in the night, cuddles and Calpol. If 4 teeth are coming at once it just might be a bit much for her. Hope it settles and drinks lots of tea!! Thanks so much for linking up to #bestandworst and hope to see you next week xxx

  4. I feel your pain! Archie's been up and down the last few months. I was so sure it was a sleep regression but he's not even 17 months yet. He point blank was refusing to go to sleep. We actually invested in a blackout blind which helped no end but having minor issues again, it's never ending! Hope she feels better soon. x

  5. Awww poor toot, hope things improve soon for you all :)

  6. Awww poor girly and poor mama :-( It's never easy when they seem to regress or start waking, especially if they've been great at sleeping through. I vaguely remember Alfie doing something similar at that age and it did get better after a while. What a miserable time for you both though, love the piccie of you both :-) Thanks for linking up with the first best and worst and do hope to see you again next week!

    Helen - #bestandworst

  7. It's a nightmare trying to work out what's to blame sometimes, I'm thinking maybe it's best to just go with the flow. I've just been through very similar with my nine month old, a few weeks of night time wakings for hours at a time and refusing to nap unless she was being held. Now she's got three new teeth and is sleeping even better than before. Hopefully you both get a break soon as well! X #bestandworst

  8. Oh honey! You must be shattered! I can't offer any advice, but I feel for you! xx

  9. You must be so tired :( Astons and parsons is brilliant for teething and anything cold on the gums will usually help as I'm sure you know. Have you tried a bath before bed to maybe calm her down before sleeping? My routine with my little girl at the moment is bath, bottle, read a story, then bed.. I hope things settle down for you soon!xxxx


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