Wedding Series | 5 Months To Go...


It's been absolutely months since I posted anything wedding related - I've actually checked and my last update was in November! Most things have been baby focused at the moment, but I thought it was about time I updated you all with how things are going.

If you've not seen any of our updates before our wedding is booked for October 2nd this year (8 weeks after Pip's due date haha). We're SO excited and with every little thing we sort out it just seems more and more real. We never even considered delaying the wedding or cancelling at all; we knew we wanted to go ahead, otherwise it would have never have happened!

I've now collected my dress and it's safely at my nan's house away from Jack's prying eyes haha. Seeing it again after so long was amazing and I fell in love with it all over again. I have to sort out the fitting 6 weeks before the big day which is the only big worry I have - they've reassured me that it won't be a problem though.

Suits are all sorted. We are hiring as it was the cheapest option and if I'm honest most suits do look exactly the same! We've been to Moss Bros as sorted them all out; fittings just need to be done a little closer to the time.

My bridesmaids all have their dresses and I couldn't be happier with them! As you know our colour scheme is mint green, and I found the most perfect dresses in the occasion dress section in Debenhams. Much cheaper than actual bridal shop bridesmaids dresses, and a lot prettier too!

We've chosen and picked up our rings - it's so weird that they're just waiting to be worn haha. I didn't want bling so we both went for something simple. I've always seen the engagement ring as the one everyone wants to see and mines perfect, so I didn't want to overshadow it!

After searching around we have spoken to a florist and chosen our wedding flowers too! Our main flowers are roses (my favourites and with both Indiana and I having Rose as our middle names it seemed the perfect choice). We're having a mixture of whites, creams, peaches and a small amount of green to break it up. Indiana is flower girl but we've opted against the traditional basket - she's going to be almost 2 so no way was she going to be sensible with it haha - instead she's going to have a flower crown.

Writing all this down I can't believe how far we've actually got! We've also sorted out centre pieces, chair covers, our hens and stags are in the capable hands of my sister and Jack's best man (look out for posts on those in July), and we're talking to someone about the cake as we speak! I've also started sorting the actual invites as these probably need to go out asap!

So I think that's about it for now; I really can't believe it's only 5 months to go until we get married. This year is going so fast and it's definitely a special one!


  1. Wow Emily - this is a year to remember for your family! I LOVED planning my wedding - such a special time! That 5 months will fly by, especially with a new arrival in the middle of it. Sounds as though you are very organised though - how exciting xx

  2. I didnt know you were getting married! Congratulations its going to be a exciting few months for you x


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