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I've always been lucky enough to have few problems with my skin. Jack however does and poor Indiana seems to have inherited her daddy's sensitive skin too. We've tried many lotions and potions, so when Dermatique contacted me to review their recuperating cream I was a bit sceptical.

My worries were instantly thrown away once Jack started using the product though! He's been using it for a few weeks now (although I could notice the difference within a few days), and it's really improved the skin on his hands. They've gone from dry, verging on scaly feeling to smooth, soft and definitely less red!

Dermatique began life in Scotland, when a mum and dad just couldn't find a suitable product to soothe their daughters eczema. They took things into their own hands and created a brand new product, with the aim of helping sufferers of not only eczema, but other skin conditions such as dry skin and psoriasis too. The creams combine the latest scientific research along with the best raw minerals and plant extracts to create a product that moisturises, nourishes and protects delicate skin of all ages (a cream both Jack and Indiana can use!).

They have a number of products including the recuperating cream. It's designed to soothe irritated skin and give as much moisture in the gentlest way. What we love is that it doesn't have a smell. There's nothing worse than a cream that's got an overpowering perfume smell - you just know there's something bad in there! It also means Jack's happy to use it without being embarrassed.

It's a lovely cooling, thick cream (I may have tried it out for myself haha), which makes it even more soothing for red, inflamed skin. Jack also said it soaked in really quickly without leaving his hands feeling greasy or sticky. Another bonus from this cream! He also said you don't have to use a lot too as so much goes a long way.

Overall we're both really impressed with this cream. Now we know just how well it works we will be using it on Indiana's dry skin too. It is a little on the higher end of the price scale at £29 per tub. However we both agree this is a really reasonable price considering the size of the tub, and how well it actually works!

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  1. Oh this sounds fab, me and my bf have quite sensitive skin so will maybe try this as the price ticket seams reasonable.


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