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With only 10 weeks to go until my due date, it's really about time I started thinking about what sort of birth I want. If you've read my birth story with Indiana you'll know I didn't really have the easiest of labours, so this time I'm hoping for a much different experience! It was perfect timing really that I was contacted by Which? who have asked me what my birth choice would be.

Home birth? Hospital birth? or A Birth Centre birth?

Which? has a whole section dedicated to birth choices, full of information and facts. They have also created a really handy tool to help you decide by just answering a few simple questions. With Indiana I didn't even think twice and knew I'd be going to hospital. However this time I have thought about it a whole lot more. I used the tool and the best fit for me was either the labour ward or a birth centre that was attached to a labour ward - which I think I totally agree with. I even popped in my postcode and it told me the names of local hospitals/birth centres and how close they are.

I have thought about whether I want a home birth. With Indiana's birth I definitely felt much more relaxed and comfortable when I went to my mums. I lived there for most of my life so it felt like 'home' and where I should have been.  However, I did feel safer being in the hospital environment though - knowing that if I needed the pain relief (which I REALLY did need haha), and that I was in the right place if anything went wrong made me happier.

I'd love to try a water birth this time so I think being at the hospital will be able to offer me this; I know I could hire a pool but with an 18 month old I don't think it's something I want to faff about with haha. I know a birthing centre would be great but there isn't one attached to a labour ward near me, so the hospital is definitely my choice.

Which? also kindly gifted me 3 different birth boxes; a real life version of their online tool. Each is filled with goodies that would help with the decision I made:

Home Birth

I didn't go for this choice but it's still full of great products I can use! The gym ball became my best friend towards the end of my pregnancy - great for getting baby into the prime position, and sitting on when you're too uncomfortable. The waterproof mattress sheet would be great to protect your bed, whether that's during labour or if your waters break. The lavender relaxing room spray isn't for me as I can't stand the smell, but I'm sure many would find it very relaxing. Finally the beautiful receiving blanket is great for wrapping baby up once they're born.

Birth Centre

I think I'm in love with everything in this box! A light dressing gown is perfect for after the birth when you really don't want to get dressed, but need to cover up a little. Slippers are much easier to slip on and off when you want to pop somewhere quickly (I found socks made me too hot, and that was in November haha). You can never have enough hairbands, and I know my hair will be up out of my face and off of my neck during labour! The cooling spray will be great for if I get too hot - with an August baby I know this will definitely come in handy. The hot water bottle will also come in handy for those first labour pains (they really do feel like period pains), or for back ache before baby is born.

Hospital - My Choice

This box is perfectly suited to my choice; from having a previous hospital birth I know how handy each item will be. Hospitals are SO warm, and I dread to think what it'll be like in August - the fan should really help with this. They're also pretty noisy and bright (even though my hospital provides private rooms), so an eye mask will hopefully help me get some rest if I have to stay in. I plan on using the pool so the flip flops will be great if I have to get out and for showering after - who knows how dirty those floors are!

Before I had my epidural I definitely needed snacks and LOTS of water to get me through my contractions (I doubt these specific ones will last haha, but I'll be getting a whole selection for both Jack and myself). Gas and air was amazing for me last time but it does dry out your mouth and lips (hence the huge amounts of water), but this lip balm should also give me some relief too. Finally I know that I may have to be induced or have to stay in hospital for a while after. Therefore I'll definitely need to keep my phone/iPad charged to keep me occupied during the night feeds haha.

The website and these boxes have definitely helped me with my choice. I am much happier with it too, as I know I've really thought about it, and seen what's actually on offer for me. If you're pregnant or thinking about having a baby I'd definitely check out the Which? Birth Choice website! What choice would you make?


  1. What a fab idea. We are yet to start our family but I only ever really thought that I could go to the hospital.

  2. Throughout my pregnancy I was almost adamant I wanted a water birth but ended up getting induced due to complications so I personally feel safer at a hospital. These boxes are a fab idea! I would have loved one! Something to keep in mind for when we decide to add another member to the family!xxx

  3. What great boxes!!! Such a great idea to look into all the options, didn't have any choice with Amelia being breech but still good to be informed about all your options. Your gonnaaa be boiling in hospital with an August baby just to prewarn, I know I was lol!! xx

  4. This is a brilliant idea! I'm going for birthing centre too and that box looks perfect! It's given me some ideas for my hospital bag list! xx

  5. Wow what awesome boxes filled with such useful items! I LOVED my flip flops I showered in them and wore them in my room :) xx


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