Chessington World Of Adventures!


This Friday my beautiful nephew Freddie turned 4 (I still can't get my head around that!), so on the 6th we decided on a family day out to celebrate! Chessington was our destination; where better when you're 35 weeks pregnant than a theme park haha.

It was an absolutely brilliant day out and if I'm honest there was loads to do apart from rollercoasters to keep myself and the toddlers entertained. We did manage to get on more than we thought, and with it being a weekday the queues were nice and short too!
The weather was on our side too and it was a perfect mix of sun and a lovely breeze. There were lots of shady spots to sit down and wait in, which was exactly what I needed being so pregnant. Indiana went on her first ever ride - The Bubbleworks - and despite a few tears at getting wet she did seem to enjoy it haha. We also enjoyed the safari train, carousel and her cousin Oliver and herself had great fun driving the little cars!
A great addition the parks have are clever drink cups you can purchase. For £5 you get a cup that you can refill as many times as you like during your day (anything from fizz to water and even caprisun!). We thought they were brilliant and so worth it for the price; especially in this weather.

Another treat for the kids (as us adults haha), was the Penguins of Madagascar show. What's not to enjoy about a cheesy little show with giant penguins, and a bit of singing and dancing. Indiana was not the penguins biggest fan and wouldn't go anywhere near them, but as you can see Freddie loved them!
Of course the others made the most of the more thrilling rides - how fab is this picture that Jack got of my sisters on Cobra (the one ride I wish I could have gone on haha) - they did take it in turns to sit out with me and the kids though which was very much appreciated. As well as rides there is a zoo and a small Sealife Aquarium. We didn't really have any time to look around either of these but that just gives us another excuse to go back.

Of course there isn't a better way to complete a sunny day out than wish an ice cream. The one you can see Indiana with below was supposed to be mine and hers to share; once she had it in her hand though, there was no way I was getting it back! 
I did think I was pretty crazy to take a 1 year old and myself at 35 weeks pregnant to a theme park. However we all had a brilliant day out and I would totally recommend it to parents of little ones - it's a perfect first theme park for them!

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  1. Awww this brings back memories! I spent a lot of time here as a teenager! Do they still have the bubble works?


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