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Mummy & Me | July


I can't believe this is my last month posting as a mummy of one! Next month's post will see me as a mummy of two for definite - hopefully I'll be able to get a decent picture with a newborn and a toddler haha.

This month I've been enjoying as much time with Indiana as possible. Now I'm so heavily pregnant it's hard for me to do much, but we have been having plenty of snuggles and cuddles to make up for it. She's become extra snuggly these past few weeks, which has made me think that she knows something's going to change soon. She'll always be my baby girl though, and I'm going to try my hardest to enjoy regular mummy and Indiana time once baby is born.

I couldn't just pick one photo this month. But I thought as it's my last with just my cheeky little lady it was totally acceptable to pick a few! Plus she's such a poser I just had to share them with you all haha.
Mummy loves you lots Indiana; even though your brother will be here soon, you'll always be my beautiful baby girl!

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  1. I love all these photos! Looks like Indiana loves to pose :) I'm so excited to see your next months photo with your new arrival! Xx

  2. You've definitely got a good excuse to post lots of pictures this month! They are all beautiful! I'm so excited about seeing your pictures for next month with both your little ones. Good luck xx

  3. Just cried my eyes out at this haha. I'm so emotionally unstable since having a baby! Can't wait to see baby boy has arrived! Xx

  4. These are lovely last photos as a mummy to 1 ♥ xx

  5. Such lovely photos of the two of you, I love her little poses! Looking forward to seeing your photo next month with your new addition! xx

  6. Aww these are lovely photos! Only seems like yesterday I took my last few photos with Isla a day before Archie was born!xxx

  7. Lovely pictures. Im so excited for pictures of you all next month. And newborns are easy to get pictures of, its when they start moving you have to worry lol x


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