Penshurst Place and Gardens


Here in Kent we've been having some amazing weather recently. Although it's been a bit too hot for me at 34 weeks pregnant, we've been trying to make the most of it - you know it's not going to last haha!

Saturday we enjoyed a lovely family day out to Penshurst Place and Gardens. We had a lovely lunch in their restaurant and then let Indiana free to explore. Her and Jack had loads of fun running around the little garden mazes infront of the house, she probably could have been there for hours! Hearing her little giggle really does make my heart melt.
She adored waving at the little fish in the ponds and fountains; although was a little too keen to reach right in - much to mine and Jack's displeasure haha. It was so quiet and peaceful, and the perfect place to let Indiana explore and run around to her heart's content. She was pointing out all the flowers and smelling them too which was adorable.
As you can see Jack thoroughly enjoyed using his camera to capture some beautiful shots. He's a bit obsessed haha, although I love being able to look back at them and seeing what he's taken. He always seems to capture madam eating haha!
If you're in Kent I'd definitely recommend it for a family day out. They have a huge play area too, but Indiana was far too exhausted to be able to stay any longer. However, I'm sure we'll go back to let her explore some more soon!


  1. I am completely in love with Indiana's outfit!! So lucky Jack loves taking pictures, my other half has to be massively encouraged to grab my camera and snap away (which lasts all of 2 minutes!) xx

  2. Looks like a stunning place and Indianas outfit is so so cute! Good old next! Looks like the kind of place we would enjoy. Amelia adores just running around places like this! How scary your nearing your last family days out as 3!! Xxx


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