A Picnic In The Park


Last Sunday we decided to spend the day with my sisters, nephews and Jack's brother. We all get on so well and I'm really thankful to have such an amazing, close family. The weather was great and it meant we could enjoy a picnic in the park - surprising with the weather we've been having lately!

We brought along a football and had loads of fun running around and letting the kids be free! Jack and I always say we wish we did these kind of things more, as it's lovely to see the pure joy in the kid's faces. Parker slept nearly the whole time we were out; I think he only woke once for some milk, and was straight back to the land of nod haha.

Obviously Jack brought along his camera so we managed to get some amazing shots. These are actually the first non iPhone selfie shots we have of the four of us, and I love them! I think these are definitely canvas worthy and ones to treasure (thanks Laura and Gem for being the photographers haha).

This is a pretty photo heavy post but it was hard to pick a few! Can you believe how grow up Indie and her cousin Oliver are now?! They look more and more like twins everyday.

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  1. Indiana and Oliver are so alike! & I cant believe how big Parker looks now! Looks like a lovely day xx


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