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White noise was always effective at soothing and calming Indiana. We've used a white noise machine (firstly a seahorse and now a giraffe) since she was a tiny newborn, and she still uses it at naptime and bedtime now at over 21 months! We therefore knew straight away we wanted to use white noise with Parker as well. So when I was contacted by The Gro Company and asked if I wanted to try their new and unique product, The Gro Hush, I jumped at the chance!

The Gro Hush is unique as it's the first portable white noise baby calmer. The small hand held device plays white noise that goes directly to your baby, so that it doesn't disturb you or anyone else around you. This also means the baby can hear the soothing sounds close to them - they can't be distracted by other noises around them.

The volume on the device is set to 75 decibels (and cannot be changed), which is perfect for allowing only the baby to hear. This has been chosen as it is also the best volume for safety too. The device can be put directly to the ear; much safer than using an app on a mobile phone, which shouldn't be put close to a baby at all. The sound also switches itself off after 10 minutes as an additional safety feature (and to save battery life), although it can be used for as long as you like. There are 3 different sounds to choose from: heartbeat, rain on a tin roof and ocean waves. All are soothing and this means you can see which sound works best for your baby.

When we first used the Gro Hush with Parker he was screaming and pretty worked up. We dismissed it within a few minutes and assumed it didn't work! However we didn't give up and tried it a number of times, with the different options (he likes the waves best) and found we were definitely too quick to judge. If Parker is a bit fussy and unsettled it definitely works. Within 5 minutes he calms right down and 9 times out of 10 falls asleep! 

I love how I can get it close to him without worrying, and knowing he can hear the sounds. It also means we can sit at have a conversation, or watch TV without hearing whooshing or 'rain' in the background haha. The travel case included means we can pop it in the changing bag and have it with us when we go out as well; a fab little extra! I also love how soft and well made the cover feels. Parker seems to have sensitive skin at the moment, but I don't feel as if this irritates it as the cover is 100% cotton - no nasty cheap materials.

I will say it doesn't work every single time though. For example if he's really screaming (a common occurrence in the evenings with his colic). I have found if we try and use it then it can feel fiddly and just gets in the way. The device although portable fills up your entire hand so if you're holding baby in one arm, and have the device in the other hand you're a bit stuck! The strap is secure so if you want to get it off quickly on these occasions it's quite tough. You do have to hold the buttons for a little while too to get it to turn on - not a problem if baby isn't too upset, but can seem irritating if you want to use it as quick as possible.

Overall though I do really like the product! I think the idea that it's handheld, so you can get it as close to baby as possible, is brilliant. Parker was settled by the soothing sounds, and pretty quickly too usually. I wouldn't say this was a miracle maker, it doesn't work every time (and don't buy expecting it to), but for when your baby is being a bit fussy it's fab!

The Gro Hush currently retails at £24.99 and is available here. Make sure to check out some of their other brilliant products while you're there too!


  1. This is a great idea - good to hear it's helping with sleep. Anything that does this is a godsend, isn't it?! Lol xx

  2. This looks and sounds so clever....What a genius idea! It sounds like it works so well x

  3. I love the idea of the GroHush, white noise really worked for us. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. White noise was never really a thing for my little ones but I can totally see that this is a potentially genius product!
    Thanks for sharing your post on #TriedTested this week x


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