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When I was looking into moving from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, I knew I wanted to give Parker my milk for as long as possible. I also wanted to make sure we used a bottle that was as 'breast like' as possible to make the transition much smoother. I was contacted by the team at Mimijumi before Parker was born and I knew this was going to be the bottle for the job!

The Mimijumi bottle is designed to be the most natural bottle; with a breast-like nipple to 'promote successful latch and reduce confusion'. The soft nipple is also in a skin-like tone in order to replicate a mother's breast, again to create a more 'natural' feeding experience for baby.

At first I did find the look of the bottle strange. It's definitely not the average bottle you see out and about. However after using it myself I can see why they've had such positive reviews. Parker took to the teat on the first try and didn't pull off during the whole bottle!

He did take longer to drink but that's because the bottle is designed to imitate feeding from the breast; Parker was the one in charge of how quickly the milk came out and how much he took. The nipple is also patent pending for it's venting mechanism. This has been designed to reduce air pressure which in turn prevents (or at least reduces the likelihood) of colic.

The shape of the bottle with it's wide neck made making the bottle easy and mess-free - the wide neck meant that the scoops of powder had no chance of not making it in. It was bigger to hold in your hand while feeding, however the curve of the bottle made it fit comfortably in my hand. There is also a non-slip base so it didn't slide about (it does promote that you can put it together with one hand, however I didn't find this possible with my small hands haha).

The only big negative I found was the lid. The shape of it made it really stiff and hard to get on and off. It took a lot of pushing to get it to stay on correctly, but then once it was on, I couldn't get it off! This may be because it was brand new and I imagine it would loosen up with frequent use.

The only other downside is the price. We tested out the 4oz 'Not So Hungry' version which for just one bottle it £14.99. I do understand that these are very good bottles, however I don't think I could justify buying lots of them for that price! The 8oz 'Very Hungry' version is £17.99 which again is pretty pricey for just one bottle.

Overall I was really impressed with the Mimijumi bottle. I love how much more breast like the bottles are in comparison to other brands. They don't feel cheap and plasticy like others I've seen and Parker really did take to them well!

Disclaimer - I was sent this bottle for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own

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