Wedding Series | 1 Week To Go...


I honestly cannot believe this time next week will be my wedding day!

We've been planning for over a year now, and let me tell you, wedding planning at the same time as planning a new baby, let alone caring for said baby, is bloody hard work haha. We've got absolutely everything sorted now though.

I collect my dress next Thursday, we collect the suits on Wednesday, and we're seeing our venue this Sunday to finalise plans and menu choices. Our home is filled with favours, decorations, DIY wedding bits and the rest of the outfits. We've also been wearing in our wedding shoes in the evenings which is pretty funny haha.

Yet despite all this it STILL doesn't seem real. I've had my hair trial, dress fittings, menu tastings, given notice with the registrar and still it seems like a far away plan! I think having a newborn has given me something to keep my mind on, so I haven't been focused on wedding plans as much. I bet I'll wake up Friday morning and it'll hit me, and I'll turn into Bridezilla!

I cannot wait to share with you all about our big day properly. There will definitely be pictures and posts up on the blog, and fingers crossed I'll manage to get some of it filmed too! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain for our special day too.

Any last minute tips you have for us before the day?
I honestly cannot wait to be a Mrs, and finally share a surname with the rest of my family!


  1. Awww, we only got married in June this year, but had already been together for 18 years! It took us a year to plan, and was totally DIY! The week before was really quiet, I felt a bit lost, the day before included setting up everything and I could not sleep the night before. I was so nervous on the day, but all I can say, is sit back, even for 10 minutes and take it all in, as the whole day will be a blur, and enjoy it! You can read about our wedding here!our-shoestring-wedding/c193g Sarah x

  2. Top tip - enjoy the day & don't worry about anything.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe this has come around so quickly! I remember you saying your wedding was in October and thinking it was ages away - mind you we have been rather busy.
    I don't think it will seem real until the big day. My only advice is to enjoy every moment and try not to stress too much. Take a moment alone with Jack at some point to stand back and look at your wedding party - take in the memories and savour all of those people who have gathered to celebrate your love for each other.
    I can't wait to see the photos! xxx

  4. I hope it is everything that you could ever dream of and you have a long, happy life together full of love, smiles, laughter, adventures and the most amazing memories xoxo p.s. cherish every single second, it foes by so fast xxx

  5. Just enjoy every second of your special day because it really does go by so quickly!! Can't wait to see pics of what will no doubt be a beautiful day ☺️ Xx

  6. How exciting , I can't wait to see you in your dress xx

  7. Enjoy it! None of the details are important. It's a party with all your favourite people, you'll have the best time! Dance your socks off xxxx

  8. Enjoy it! None of the details are important. It's a party with all your favourite people, you'll have the best time! Dance your socks off xxxx


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