Me & Mine | November 2015


November has been another busy month. Although with two little ones there aren't many days that aren't busy now! We've spent this month preparing for Indiana's birthday and getting the last Christmas bits and bobs.

Indiana turned two on the 26th and we are both still in disbelief; how do we already have a two year old?! We had a lovely day as a family - my favourite kind of days, and these pictures were taken at my parents in the evening. Parker has grown so much this month too, and will be four months old in a few days. He's now out of our room and in with Indiana, which although needed to happen (he's a very long boy at completely outgrew his moses basket), is so sad for me. My little newborn is not so little anymore.

We are SO excited for Christmas now Indie's birthday is over. Hopefully next month our family picture will be with Father Christmas... although we did see him at the weekend and Indiana was not so impressed, so who knows!

dear beautiful


  1. We're the same! Now mine and Bella's birthdays are over we are super excited for Christmas! Glad Indie had a lovely day. Lovely photos! I love your shirt Emily. xx

  2. Very sweet photos. I hope you have a lovely December xx

  3. Such a sweet family. I cannot believe how much Parker has grown since last month or so!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. Lovely photos of the 4 of you! Im so excited for Christmas too but not so much for my baby turning 3! xxx

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I hear you with the cot - I wanted Lottie to stay in a Moses basket forever! Love Indie's T-Shirt xx #MeandMine


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