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Today I'm going to sharing all about our bridal party and their outfits! We both decided we wanted equal amount of bridesmaids to groomsmen. Luckily we both knew exactly who we wanted and picked four each. I chose my two sisters and my two best friends, and Jack chose his brother and his three close friends. We then had Indiana as flower girl and my two nephews Freddie and Oliver as page boys.

We left the children's outfits until as late as possible; I think they were the last few bits we bought! We knew they'd all grow a lot over the year we had to plan the wedding, so it just seemed the most logical idea. We eventually got Indiana's flower girl dress from the Occasions section at BHS. It was SO sweet with it's little sequin belt and flowy skirt. The best bit was it was in the sale and only cost us £12! Her shoes were also from BHS and were also £12.

She did have a floral crown, but Mrs grumpy gills decided she didn't want it anywhere near her on the day, which was such a shame as it was gorgeous! The boys suits were both from Next. The suit top came with the shirt, waistcoat and a little tie (my sister got the trousers to match separately). They both looked SO sweet and grown up and the suits were great quality too.

I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to the bridesmaids dresses, it was just a case of finding them - we never looked in bridal shops; we went straight to the highstreet. In the end I literally just typed 'mint green bridesmaid dresses' into Google and these are the ones that popped up! They were from the occasions section at Debenhams and were a bargain at £80 each! They suited the girls really well and with the help of the straps you wouldn't even know my friend Alice (far right) was 27 weeks pregnant with twins in these pictures!

I allowed the girls to decide on their own hair, make-up, shoes and jewellery. I wasn't a crazy bride who wanted everything the way I wanted it haha. Amazingly all the girls ended up with really similar hair. They all chose curls and plaits which matched perfectly with mine; and they all looked absolutely beautiful!

The boys definitely scrubbed up well, and I still think any man looks better in a suit! We decided to try and save a bit of money and hired the suits from Moss Bros. Unfortunately we did have a few problems with them so it was a bit of a nightmare - luckily they sorted it all out in the end and the discount they gave us left us with some extra money (which may have ended up behind the bar haha).

We chose grey suits as I thought they went with the colour scheme better, and Jack wanted something different from the suit he owns himself. The suits came with everything you can see which we thought was brilliant! I was a bit strict with them though and made sure they all had their top buttons done up and ties done nicely. You can't see in these pictures but Jack did get them all cufflinks to add a unique touch; Star Wars ones of course.

We really didn't spend that much on that much on our bridal parties outfits. The high street is definitely uping it's game when it comes to Weddings, so make sure to look there first! Also don't feel you have to get it from the wedding section either - the second you add 'wedding' to something it increases the price a lot!

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  1. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love snooping at other peoples wedding photos haha. I think you had the same bridesmaid dresses that I wore to my cousins wedding, so nice aren't they! Lily was flower girl and had a flower crown that she refused to wear too, she was Indies age at the time and I was gutted I only got about one photo of her in it the whole day. I love your flowers xx

    Abbie |


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