A Year.


December 9th. I was late for my period and although I was taking the pill I knew something wasn't quite right. I had a test in the drawer from a previous scare so decided to take it. Indiana was sleeping, she'd not long turned one, Jack was at work completely unaware.

I filmed the test. I think I must have known it was going to be positive, and I knew I wanted to document this baby from the very beginning (you really do forget once it's all over). Watching the pink lines appear I was absolutely shocked; as well as excited, scared, nervous, over the moon... any emotion you could think!

The next day I took a Clearblue Digital and just like that the words 'pregnant' appeared on the screen. It took what felt like years for '3+ weeks' to appear underneath! Not knowing how far along I was I contacted my doctors and got a midwife appointment straight away.

My first appointment was Christmas Eve 2014. My lovely midwife was brilliant and managed to get us an early scan for the 27th, just a few days away! The wait for horrible as neither of us knew if things were okay, and we chose to keep it all a complete secret too.

The scan was rather unpleasant (an internal one - not what I was expecting haha). But the second our little Pip appeared on the screen I completely relaxed. With a very strong heartbeat, and measuring 7 weeks 6 days.

I cannot believe this was a year ago. Parker is now 18 weeks old and the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen. It was a crazy year. But probably the best yet!


  1. Oh what a lovely Christmas story - and what a little cutie #ShareWithMe

  2. Aaw we found out on the 9th too. What special memories! Xx

  3. Wow what a year! Lovely post :) x


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