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This year is Indiana's third Christmas, although probably the first where she's got a bit of understanding of what's actually going on! This in mind we wanted to make this year extra special and really introduce Father Christmas - or 'mismas' as Indiana calls him. So when we got the invite to have breakfast with the big man at Wyvale Garden Centre in Paddock Wood, we were thrilled.

When we arrived we headed straight to the restaurant and were taken to our seats by a very friendly 'elf'. I loved how the staff got into the spirit and joined in with their costumes. We all had crackers at the festive tables, and Indiana also had a Christmas colouring sheet, crayons, a bag of gold coins, and suitable plastic cutlery. Each child had a name card which added a personal touch.

The room was decorated in full Christmas attire including a beautiful large Christmas tree. The main attraction was Santa's special area which Indiana absolutely loved! I think I've also decided I need those fox cushions in my life haha.

While we were pulling our crackers and Indie was colouring a masterpiece the 'elves' came around and offered teas, coffees and juices for the kids - I must say they were very helpful and brought me a glass of juice as I don't drink either hot drink, as well as a straw for Indiana. These were on offer throughout the whole event.

Soon enough our breakfasts were brought out, a table at a time. I did think this was a strange way of doing things as I assumed they would bring the children their food first. We were the last table to get their food, which although wasn't a problem for us adults, Indie did not enjoy sitting watching other people eat haha.

We opted for the 'Great British Breakfast' (£7.99) for Jack and I and the Child's breakfast (£9.99) for Indiana. Indie's included toast, a sausage, hash brown, scrambled egg and beans. The adults was similar except we had a fried egg instead, as well as bacon, black pudding, fried bread, tomato and mushroom. If you aren't feeling a cooked breakfast though there's also a 'mini breakfast' option of a pastry and hot drink (£3.99), and of course vegetarian options too.

The food was all really tasty and filling. My toast was a overdone and cold, but to be honest I'm VERY fussy with toast anyway (I'm a hardly toasted kinda gal haha). They didn't ask how you wanted things done though, so although I was happy with a cooked yolk in my egg, Jack prefers it runny. But I totally understand it's easier to do things one way, when cooking for lots of people. Indiana definitely approved as all that was left was some beans - she ate the most there and she was the youngest child!

With food over it was time for Father Christmas to arrive! He didn't just walk through the door, he made a very exciting entrance for the children. The 'elf' received a phone call and gathered all the children at the front. She then got them to shout for Santa to help him know where to come. All the adults got involved too which was a lovely touch and added to the excitement for the children.

Once he arrived he distributed the presents to the children. Each child have their own present which was chosen for them. Indiana received a Gruffalo puzzle which is probably the best Santa present she's ever got! The kids were then invited up to have their photos with him. I didn't think he was a particularly good Santa, and I found it rather strange that he didn't speak to the children. This may have just been where we went though.

After the excitement of the presents it was time to say goodbye. The 'elf' got everyone to sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' as we waved goodbye. It was a very short and sweet visit, but to be honest if he wasn't going to speak I don't think he could have stayed long anyway!

With everyone at their seats again, the 'elves' brought around Christmas tree biscuits for the children to decorate. Three pots filled with mini marshmallows, jelly beans and mini chocolate smarties as well as icing were distributed, and then bags were given out to take the treats (and any left over toppings) home in! 

Indie just sat and ate the treats haha, but Jack definitely had fun and it was a lovely way to end the morning. The event lasted around 1 hour 30 minutes which was just enough to keep the kids attention. The 'elves' were fantastic and great with the children - tidying up as they went and always on hand.

Father Christmas will be making visits to Wyvale Garden Centres until the 24th December. If you can't make breakfast, there's also the option to have tea instead, so there's plenty of chance to join in the fun! The price for children includes everything I've mentioned above, so I'd definitely recommend it as a special treat for your little ones.

Disclaimer - We attended the event for free in exchange for our honest and personal review. Each location is different and this is just our experience.

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  1. How weird that Santa didn't speak! I'm not really sure I see the point of him being there if he wouldn't talk to the children...although we went to one of these events and Bear sat with her hands over her face when he spoke to her anyway! Also, it's good that they gave you plastic cutlery, the one we went to didn't and I was getting a bit worried with my 20 month old waving a full size fork around, I was convinced she was going to take her eye out!! x


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