My Baby's Name Is... Sleeping Bag Review


Way back in the Spring I was contacted by the lovely people at My Baby's Name Is... and asked if I wanted to review one of their sleeping bags. Of course I jumped at the chance as we were definitely set on using sleeping bags. We've had to wait a long time to use it - Parker was born in August and he's only just gone into his cot at four months - but we're so glad we finally can!

My Baby's Name Is was created in 2004 by designer Szymon, who used his daughter Matylda as inspiration; he couldn't find a sleeping bag he liked, so in the end designed his own! The bags are not only stylish, but their materials are environmentally sourced too (all bags are 100% cotton). At first I thought the designs were a bit too simple. But actually I think it's quite refreshing to have such simple yet bold design, especially in a world full of baby blues and cutesy patterns.

We chose the 0-6 months size in 2.5 tog (they also come in 6-18 months and 18-36 months), as we knew Parker would be in his cot before 6 months (Indiana was at 3 months, so we thought we'd probably do the same).

There were SO many gorgeous, bold and bright colours to choose from, but we chose 'Gabriel Grey' as I'm pretty obsessed with this colour for boys. I was a bit worried I chose a too higher tog at first, but now I'm definitely glad of my decision. It's become so cold recently, so it makes me happy to know he's all snug in his sleeping bag.

All the bags feature double poppers at the neck and then a zip that goes from the bottom all the way round to the side - I much prefer this design, as you don't have to faff about joining the zip together with a wiggly baby! The zip also has a protective cover so there's no worry of getting it caught in clothing or anywhere near baby.

The materials are soft and snuggly so I'm happy to have Parker's delicate skin against them. The only negative we've found with the bag (although this may just be due to my extremely long baby boy haha), is that there isn't much growing room.

The 0-6 month bag is only for up to 68cm long. Parker was 65cm at 9 weeks so you can see he's pretty much near the cut off already - especially now he's 17 weeks so goodness knows how long he is! The next size is for a minimum weight of 18lbs however, which Parker won't be for a while. So we'd be left with a bit of a problem - not that he's bothered as he's pretty snug in his bag for the moment haha.

The bag washed well and retained it's shape. It's managed to survive a poop explosion and two leaky nappies already, so it's definitely been tested to the max haha. They currently retail at £45 which I do think is a bit on higher end of the scale. For the quality of the bag and it's materials though, I do think it's worth it!

Disclaimer - I was sent a sleeping bag for this review, however all opinions are honest and my own

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