Our Christmas 2015


So that's it. Christmas is over for another year, and as usual it went by in a flash! This year we celebrated Indiana's third Christmas and it was our beautiful boy Parker's first.

We decided to have our own family Christmas this year and stayed at home. It was so strange not having dinner with my siblings and parents. Jack made an absolutely amazing Christmas lunch though, and it was so lovely to spend the day as a family of four. We joined my family after watching The Queen for more presents, food and Christmas fun though.

Indiana had so much more knowledge of what was going on this year. She really understood who Father Christmas was and loved the tree (and was very upset if you didn't turn the lights on in the morning haha). She enjoyed opening her Advent Calendar every morning and was very excited by her stocking and presents on Christmas morning!

We started new traditions such as leaving a mince pie, milk and carrot out for Father Christmas and opening our stockings all together in our bed in the morning. I'm excited to continue these every year, especially next year when Parker will understand a bit more!

What Christmas traditions do you have with your family?


  1. Merry Christmas to you all! I'm so jealous that you had Christmas at home, we spent the day cramming visiting everyone in so didn't really get to enjoy it! Next year though xx

  2. Aw, sounds lovely! We stayed home too but then had both sets of family round which was less stressful than it sounds! Glad you had a great Christmas and it's so sweet that Indiana is understanding it all more xx


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