Winter Skin Care with Bepanthen


Having a baby comes with a whole lot of worry and stress. Even as a second time mum the worry is just as bad. Are they hungry? Are they warm enough? The list goes on and on! Babies skin care is pretty high on the list. They're born with such delicate, soft skin, you want to do everything you can to protect it; especially in this cold, horrible weather!

Luckily this year I've teamed up with Bepanthen and registered Health Visitor Nicola Joseph, to bring you some top tips on winter skin care:

1. Dress your little one in layers that can be removed and added easily - babies can't tell us when they're too hot, and are very sensitive to the change in temperatures. This allows you to keep them at the perfect temperature when going from a snuggly warm house, to the chilly outside.

2. Dress your baby in natural, breathable fibres such as cotton - Babies can get heat rash (yes even in winter!) from wearing too many clothes, or having too many heavy blankets. Be careful of too many thick layers; especially when they're in one place for a long time, such as car seats.

3. Moisturise your babies skin after a bath - Too many bath products, or just splashy fun in the bath can cause their delicate skin to dry out (especially during the cold winter months). Once they're dry keep their skin soft with a 'free from' moisturiser such as Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser.

4. Wash your babies clothes with gentle, fragrance-free fabric wash and conditioner - We all know to use non-bio for our babies clothes, but this is especially important during the winter. Our babies are wrapped up a lot more, so you definitely want soft clothes against their skin.

5. Protect their skin whatever the weather - Despite it being cold, even during the winter months the sun will be shining. Protect your babies face with a good quality, high protection sun lotion, such as Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream.

Would you add any tips to protect your babies, or even toddler skin this winter?

Disclaimer - I worked alongside Bepanthen on this post, however all opinions are honest and my own

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