A Weekend of Firsts


Jack's been working a lot recently and will be doing so this week too. So when the weekends come around we try to make the most of them as possible. This past weekend was no different, and we even managed to create some memories along the way!

Saturday was very relaxed. We did eventually make it out in the afternoon for a Costa (of course), then we got Parker's passport photos done for the second time. The first ones were rejected so we went to a professional shop this time. They're so so sweet and Parker looks exactly like his uncle in them!

We then went to get Indiana's hair cut for the first time! It was getting so long and was constantly in her eyes, so we finally took the plunge and did it. She sat so well and although she didn't have much cut off, it looks SO much better!

Sundays are our family day, where we try to get out and about, and go exploring! The weather was it's usual miserable self however, so we ended up at Knole Park again. Indiana was thrilled though, as she loves nothing more than puddle jumping, and running around with her daddy at the moment.

As a weekend treat we went out for lunch, deciding on Wagamama as we hadn't been for so long! Parker went in a restaurant highchair for the first time, and looked very grown up. He had his first blw meal out too which I cannot believe! He tried chicken for the first time which was a huge hit, although Indiana was not so pleased about sharing her meal.

To end the day we snuggled at home before bath time. With yet another first, Parker tried out the bath seat too. He was trying to sit himself up on the bath support, and loves to play now, so we knew it was time. Of course he loved it, and Indiana thought it was great that Parker could play with her... although she wasn't so keen sharing her toys haha.

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