Chickenpox, Disney & Learning to Roll | #LittleLoves


When on my hunt for my linkys to join I stumbled across 'Little Loves' hosted by coffeeworksleeprepeat. I thought it was a great way to look back on my week and share with you my favourite parts! So here's what we've been up to this week...


With two little ones reading is not something I get to do very often. The most I get to read is children's books as Indiana is suddenly obsessed, and demands one at nap time and bed time. Her current favourite is 'Dear Zoo'. We've read it so much she knows what every animal is 'too' much of, and doesn't even let me read it anymore haha.


I'm currently obsessed with Disney videos on Youtube. I have absolutely no idea why, as we're not planning on going and I haven't actually been since 2009. They bring back so many memories of my childhood again though, so I'll keep watching until I'm sick of them!


Indiana is talking more and more lately, and honestly comes out with some of the funniest lines! Earlier in the week we were SO proud when she did her first poo on the potty. However, when Jack asked her what she'd done she happily declared "a sausage daddy"! I think we both cried with laughter haha.


I'm not the most creative person, and if you know me you'll know I'm not a huge fan of messy play (too much tidying up for me haha). However Indiana had great fun making some art for Jack earlier in the week. Can you tell which part I did haha?


Ah I knew this part would be tricky. If you follow us on social media you'll know our poor baby bear has chicken pox! This has resulted in being house bound for the week - a perfect excuse to rock my pjs and comfy clothes!


Parker learnt to roll this week! He's been so so close for a while now and he finally cracked it, despite being poorly. I was looking back on how old Indiana was when she rolled and she was the exact same age (22 weeks). It's crazy how different they are, yet their milestones seem to be very similar so far!


  1. Oh bless you chicken pox are not fun. Lots of cuddles. Hope everyone is on the mend now. I love everything disney whilst I have been a few times growing up I haven't yet taken the kids. I need to plan something soon. So magical. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. Oh I love Dear Zoo, such a cute book. My girls loved it when they were tiny.
    Well done Indiana on the potty training! Love that age and the things they say, so funny!
    Thanks for linking up! xx

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this linky! I've been looking into new ones to participate in so I may give this one a go :) Dear Zoo was a firm favourite for Lily and I don't think we own it now as it became so worn out, must get another copy. Hope the end of the pox is in sight! xx

  4. We love dear zoo. Poor little one getting chicken pox, my toddler hasn't had it yet.

  5. Aww poor Parker but what a clever boy rolling! Disneyland is so amazing and I cannot wait to take S xx

  6. I proper laughed at the 'sausage' thing. Poor baby having chicken pox, it's horrible seeing them covered in spots and itching like crazy. I remember the Dear Zoo phase, I had to read it about 72,000 times a day! Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Boo to chicken pox, it's horrible and so heartbreaking to see your little one in discomfort. Hope he's feeling much better now. xx

  8. Lovely post, haha to Indiana's reaction to the poo brilliant!! Horrible he had them at such a young age but at least its done with now and he's feeling better! I so want to take Amelia to Disneyland think I'm going to start saving to take her the summer before she starts school! xx

  9. Haha Indiana's sausage description. This sounds exactly like my son last year haha. Such a shame little Parker has had chicken pox, I hope that it's all better now though and you can get out and about this week. We're supposed to go to Disney World next year 2017 and I can't wait. Eden (our youngest) will be at a great age I think. Very exciting. xxx


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