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When Parker was a few weeks old we notice the similar signs of colic and wind that Indiana had. With more knowledge this time we went straight for the Dr Brown's bottles - as they're well known in helping with both of these problems. The bottles had a lot more parts and were much taller than the previous bottles we used. So we felt it was necessary to get the Dr Brown's steriliser too.

There was a microwave option but we decided to go with the Dr Brown's Electric Steam Steriliser. It's specifically designed to fit Dr Brown's bottles (both the wide neck and natural flow sizes). You can sterilise up to 6 bottles in one go which is so handy as we were finding it very tricky to get the bottles and parts into our old one. There are two parts too so the smaller bits and extras such as dummies can be popped in it, without risk of them falling down or getting lost. Another bonus is that it takes just 12 minutes to complete a cycle - not long at all!

Here's a step by step guide on how to use the product:

1. Taking the included measurement jug from the left hand side of the steriliser, fill to the 'fill line'. Make sure it's switched off at this point!

 2. Pour the water into the very bottom of the steriliser.

3. Add your valves, bottles and caps to the lower section of the steriliser. There are two different ways depending on the size of bottle you have! We have the 'wide neck' version - so valves into the bottom (wide part first), bottles over the top and the the caps rest on top.

4. Add your teats, travel discs, dummies, and white part of the valves. The teats need to be pushed out of the rings in order for the lid to close. You'll also have to do a bit of jiggling around if sterilising all 6 bottles.

 7. Plug in and switch on the machine and push down the blue button on the front - it should light up orange. Once the cycle is complete it will automatically switch off.

8. Once cooled, using the tongs provided (stored on the right hand side), remove the bottles and parts and put together. Once sterilised and put together they remain sterile for 24 hours unless opened.

Overall we've been impressed by the steriliser. It fits the bottles in well and logically - everything is placed to get optimum steam. I like how there are two sections as well so smaller bits aren't thrown in with the actual bottles.

We have found a few problems with the product though. The biggest being that there is no logical way to empty the steriliser. The bottles and blue part of the valve are in the bottom, but the other part of the valve is in the top - so you have to get everything out to put them together! The machine is also quite bulky so emptying it can be quite tricky; especially when the bits stored on the sides fall out too!

The steriliser is available from many stores including Argos and Boots, as well as from the Dr Brown's website and currently retails for £52.20

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  1. It sounds like the really do need to do a bit of work on the emptying but otherwise it sounds great. I had a microwave stereliser for our bottles and it was a bit of a pain if I'm honest.
    Happy New Year and thanks so much for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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