Hip Hop Dancing & The Return Of BLW | #LittleLoves


I actually cannot believe how fast this week has gone, and honestly don't really remember what we've really got up to haha. Instagram always seems to help me remember, as I pretty much post at least one photo a day on there! So here's how our week looked...


Does nursery application forms and passport documents count? I cannot believe I'm already filling in Parker's nursery forms. I'm due back to work at the beginning of April which really isn't that far away. What made me laugh though was the fact Jack's face is on the form we have to fill in - this isn't just random by the way haha, he's a room manager at the nursery!

I also have been doing a lot of research into getting his passport too. It's a bit complicated this time as we're married, but my passport is still in my maiden name. I finally got some clear answers from the lovely people at the post office though, so just need to pay (the stupid amount of money) for it.


This week we returned to our weekly dance class, Diddi Dance! The theme this term is hip-hop which is a big change from the jiving we did last month haha. I love watching Indiana join in and dance away without my encouragement. She was making little friends this week too which is always lovely to see as a parent.

Lots of our favourite shows are coming back on TV too now Christmas is over! One of these is Gotham. If you haven't watched it I'd definitely recommend it! It's all about the back story of Commissioner Gordon, before Batman was Batman haha, but full of villains and gripping storylines.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the new - I'm aware it may not be new, but it's new to me haha - remix of Destiny's Child and Brandy. I was a huge Destiny's Child fan when I was in secondary school and the song took me way back to a year 7 me haha.

Indiana and Jack made some rather tasty chocolate chip buns at the weekend. She looked absolutely adorable in her little chef's apron and hat, and had loads of fun doing it. They made a huge mess though, and you can guess who had to clean that up haha.

I'm not a huge fashion lover (all my money goes on dressing the kids haha), but I don't think that would have mattered this week. It's been another miserable week, so every outfit has been covered by either a coat or my rain mac!


The most exciting part of my week is most definitely starting Parker on solids! He fed himself his first spoonful Tuesday evening and we haven't looked back since. He's absolutely loving it, and was definitely ready for it, despite being a few weeks shy of 6 months. We're so excited to start another baby led weaning journey. Weaning Indiana was so much fun, and we're thrilled Parker has already taken to it so well.


  1. Aww Indiana's dance class sounds great, my daughter loves dancing too :) I've seen Gotham advertised loads and it looks really good but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet, I'll add it to my must watch list though, great #littleloves :) xx

  2. I was a massive Destiny's Child fan back in the day too. I love it when that song comes on the radio.
    That picture of Parker is just so cute. I wish those milestone cards had been around when my girls were babies. Such perfect keepsakes.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. I love that 99 Souls song, my husband does too and plays it constantly in his car. Good luck with the weaning, I have to admit it terrified me with my son, it was the one thing that really stressed me out! xx

  4. Oh the days of weaning so fun.... cute photo. Dance class sounds great we just had MM's very first ballet class today. Although she was too shy to join in sadly not sure how that's going to go or if I should wait a bit older. Gotham sounds great. Will have to check it out. Happy weekend. #littleloves

  5. The dance class sounds fun, my toddler would love that, he's always throwing shapes when his fave song comes on the radio! He's inherited my love of 80s music though, he can often be found dancing round the kitchen to "we built this city"!! #LittleLoves

  6. ah Destiny's Child that takes me back, I think I had a CD back in the day! I'm waiting til passport renewal time to change my passport, silly amount of money isn't it. Parker looks so happy as does Indiana whilst baking :) very sweet #littleloves


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