Mummy & Me | January


It's been a wet, windy and quite frankly miserable January. We've been getting back into our routine after all of Jack's time off over Christmas and New Year, (which actually wasn't that much haha). It's also been a month of no sleep, chicken pox, and other illnesses. Taking pictures snuggled up with my two definitely makes me feel better though, and it's the easiest way to get Parker to smile too - that boy's a born poser!

One of these days I'll get a decent picture of the three of us haha, but you can't go wrong with an iPhone selfie I suppose (although sorry for the quality, the front camera is naff!).

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Those castle photos are gorgeous but you can't beat a grainy phone selfie - they're so naturally lovely x

  2. The castle pictures are lovely :) I love a good front camera selfie with my two as well xx

  3. Awww gorgeous pictures and lovely one.of the castle X #mummyandme

  4. Aww these photo's are so lovely! Indie on the last one! <3

  5. Gorgeous. Love the last one. Mummy and her babies just snuggled up... perfect. Thanks for linking up with #mummyandme xx


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